Makin' Fire

I’m in love.

Symptoms: stupid ugly grin from ear to ear, 1.5 hrs of sleep and still functioning, unrelenting energy to converse with no end, sharp and radiating pains from the left ventricle… elation.

And I thought being there in August was bomb. short weekend trip to New York City has come and gone. If there are any words I can use to summarize what took place, what I learned, who I encountered and what has been instilled in me, I can only quote this individual here, Zack, with his original lyric, “Makin’ Fire.”If there’s anything New York city does, and does well, it is this. We make fire.

The city is teeming with talent, energy, passion, ambition, hope, dreams, struggle, beautiful and courageous struggle. Every single human I have come across this trip was more than just ‘solid peoples’. There is an undeniable spark about them. Perhaps it’s because they’re all artists and visionaries of some shape or form, and we share that in common… but I truly believe that in a space filled with aspiring and brilliant minds, and loving and wholesome spirits, magic happens. Great things are produced, art is created. There is just something about people in their elements when they come fully alive that shakes me to my core. It re-lights something in me and reminds me who I’m striving to be.

It is the greatness in you, that makes me great. Don’t you see? We strive to be better, amazing… because we are doing it for someone else. We are doing it so that others may discover the greatness in themselves, too.

Some love:

Old Money MassiveThe Old Money crew. Andre. Not only is he good for music, logistics and holding coffee trays, he’s the type of compassionate dude who always wants to make sure you’re good. It feels nice to be taken care of. He spits fire. Even though it takes me awhile to actually decipher what he’s saying, lol, he spits it with such intensity you can’t help but be drawn in. Shaun. We Scheme ideas. The man thinks. If music doesn’t work out for him, well then, you’ll be sure to find him in motion pictures. He’s really good at that jittery, turrets, crazy-guy stuff. The combination of him and Dre is a duo that will have you on your feet for hours. These two exude such genuine, good vibes. They make you want to be around them ALL the time. And lastly, Konrad. He’s an asshole. The sternest Polish mother f*cker I ever knew. If there’s anything I can thank him for, it’s for preventing me from yakking in the NYC subway. His harsh European ways are that of a jerk, and well, much to your surprise, a man I actually highly respect. He’s good at what he does. He sh*ts melodies and beats out of his ass like he has diarrhea all day err’day. He has established himself as a music producer with a style unlike anyone I have ever heard. If you want to work with this man, you gotta come through, and come through hard.

UDUB. Whattup.And then there’s Zack, Kon’s brother. The owner of the comfiest couch I ever slept on. He folded my scarf (in three parts) and laid it upon my pillow. I was tempted to ask for a mint… or a towel folded into a swan. A passionate writer, he breathes life into words, and paints colors with language. He’s also a ridiculous rapper. I witnessed him and Konrad produce a song in a matter of minutes, one that I cannot get out of my head for the likes of me. I am dying to hear it finished and completed. All you need to know, is that they be Makin’ Fire.

Some more love to UDUB! Urban Word, an unstoppable force of young poets, moving minds, and outspoken, truthful voices. I spent an afternoon recording and listening to these young hearts share their most personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions from the scribbles on their notebooks, text on their blackberries and from the depths of their minds. It was a unique and beautiful energy to be surrounded in. (Stay posted for footage of cipher circles and their poetry.)

Mad LOVE to you all. Thanks for blessing me. You make my heart full. Love and love. And what I mean by that is, I love, and You be Loved. =)

[for full album, click here.]

With that, I leave you with these: A few still shots of what you can expect to see in the coming week or two. This music video was amazing to shoot. Although we filmed until we could move no more, I have so much faith that the end result will surprise us all. Just you wait. These fingers are itching to bring those pictures to life.

Stay tuned.

I’ve spoken my piece.



  1. Reza Aminah said,

    11/10/2009 @ 9:48 pm

    can i just hide in a corner and live through you? lol

  2. jamblichus said,

    12/17/2009 @ 8:13 am

    Hey there… Incredibly random comment/request but I found Zach [“Seer”]s Myspace site through a spot of link-hopping about a year ago and it had this track on it called “running” that rocked mighty hard. Now I’m not on Myspace and don’t know how to contact him to say “send me that track!” But if you happen to know the guy, as this blog post suggests… tell him to email me the MP3. In return, he’ll get big shout outs on my humble blog 🙂 Sick track that was… great beats and great flow.

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