Old Money.

THIS… is who I get to hang out with in T-minus a week and a half… *achem**clears throat several times**mumbles really fast* innewyork *looks up blankly staring from side to side* Oh sorry, what? Did you say something? I didn’t say anything. You said something. Sure. Okay.

Hahahhaha. My excitement cannot be contained. Not only do I get to return to where I left my heart during the last week of August, but with good reason!

From left to right is Konrad, Andre, and Shaun. All members of a Vancouver-New York music collaboration also known as Old Money. Their sound and rap lyrical floetry is so innovative and unique, experimenting and combining various beats using hip hop, African, electric, dance hall, and the list goes on.

I have yet to meet Andre and Shaun, but Konrad is an individual I came across this summer while I was home visiting Vancity. How we are connected is through a web of random mutual friends, but needless to say, it granted in my favor. After producing the “Ode to my First Love” video, which Konrad is featured multiple times in the beginning segment, I was asked if I could shoot a video in New York with the trio. How could I decline? New York enchants me, my bus ticket was a student-friendly $80 dollar round trip, and heck, I get to hang out with super talented, creative, and handsome boys! Sorry. I WIN. You lose.

If you wanna check out more on these cats, scope this, and stay tuned for the upcoming video/photo visuals of my trip coming up soon. Yeuh, yeuh!

"Money, it's gotta be the shooeessss"


This weekend shall be dedicated not to lost souls, teeth-rotting candy and slutty angels and demons, but rather, getting a major head start on school work that will be due following my return to the city. No strip-or-treat and skanky pirate for Char, as if I’ve ever been. (Much to your initial impression that I’d be stoked for All Hallow’s Eve, you’re correct, its just that, simply put, I have drained all my energy towards school projects that I am left with no desire to contemplate an amazing costume.) (Not gunna lie, last year’s tribute to Spike Lee as Mars Blackmoon was one that garnered lots of attention at the Amnesia party… that and me strangely smiling and passed out on the front lawn of the Sound Academy.)

Back to essay writing. For the life of me, I find no interest or future use in MLA formats and formal writing such as this. I’d rather blog all day, errday.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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