you found your way back in…

I hate you.

You swoop down and steal my precious and valuable time. You barge right in here and throw my books back on the shelf. You force me to remain captivated within the confines of my oh-so-warm-and-delicious duvet.  You manipulate me with your words, telling me, “Just five more minutes, Char… you should make a snack, Char, you can’t concentrate if you haven’t nourished yourself…” But I ate… an hour ago… “Ah, you’re right,” is as much as I defend myself. You argue with me, with a voice so commanding and powerful. You tell me that Glee is the best TV show that just entered my life and the fact that I’ve upgraded to a premium account with Megavideo as opposed to buying more expensive scheduled TV cable, is more of a reason as to why I should watch just one more episode.

I have to admit, you’re good. You’re fucking good at what you do.


Enough is enough. As sexy and seductive as you are, I will not allow you to hinder my growth and progress thus far. The life I’ve chosen to live from now on is one that does not allow myself to see the light of day unless I’ve accomplished all in the Ryerson library. The life I’ve chosen to live from now on is one that does not involve you. There are bigger things to accomplish in this time, and I’m sorry to say that you are just a useless fool who contributes nothing but stress and annoyance. Temporary immediate gratification is all you are.

Key word: TEMPORARY.

So, please, here’s the door. Get out. You are no longer welcome in my presence.

You can either leave peacefully, or I will be forced to take physical action. We all know that I’m secretly a ninja who’s hiding huge gun-like biceps underneath this wool sweater. It won’t be pretty.


Now, Sonnet 13o, let’s get to talkin…

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  1. ksigna said,

    10/29/2009 @ 5:11 am

    do you seriously pay for megavideo? is free + hd quality
    and thats where i watch all my glee episodes :). so good. too bad there wasn’t a new one today!

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