I Left My Heart in Brooklyn

Mark your territory.

tell the word that you exist.

the way it should be.

art is free. the way it should be.

words to live by

words to live by

The week before school commenced, two of my homegirls visiting from Vancity invited me to take a spontaneous trip down to NYC literally two hours before our bus departed Toronto. (Click here for another post on my trip in more detail.) By far, Brooklyn was my favorite. There’s something so inspiring about the people who tromp those streets. Perhaps it’s the swagger and confidence that each individual exudes, but it’s not even about that to me. I just wanna know the story. Accept it, NYC. It’s hard to come by a true New Yorker. People from all walks of life have flown into this city and made it their home. Everybody there has a story to tell. Especially in Brooklyn. One day, I’ll be one of those people.

In the mean time, enjoy this eye candy. Shout outs go to my girl Simic, also known as Jen. She was my model for the day =)

I’ve spoken my piece.


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