Pancakes are Incredible

Tis an overcast, chilly, Monday morning here in Toronto. Pancakes are fresh off the George Foreman and the coffee pot is full. There is much to accomplish today. This procrastination habit needs to die hard and die fast. I’d love to use the fact that the Manifesto festival has kept my hands full all week, but let’s be honest people, I truly could’ve been juggling both, as opposed to choosing one over the other. Alas, what’s done is done, I welcome the consequences with open arms and perhaps a bite or two of my delicious Aunt Jemima panekoeks.

Manifesto Festival 09Weekend Recap:

Anybody who was anybody was at the Manifesto Festival this weekend. This festival combines everything that has made me fall in love with Toronto, all the reasons why I love living here — Music, Art, Community, Culture. Naturally, I signed my life away this weekend to be a part of it. I can’t even begin to describe how wicked of a time I had. From the opening night film festival screening, the B-boy competition, the art gallery opening (that I scrubbed the banisters and stairs with a muther freakin tooth brush), and the free outdoor concert with Talib Kweli… man… I have been on non-stop mode all weekend. I’m pretty sure I met like five million new people over the past weekend, most of which… I cannot remember names. (Apologies. My brain sucks at retaining that information. )

The weekend was WILD. We’re talkin’ hundreds of artists, dancers, artisans and vendors, musicians, poets, rappers, DJ’s, emcees, hip hop heads and overall music and art advocates and supporters — all coming together to collaborate stylistic efforts, create something incredible to spark positive change in this city. It’s a great thing to witness and especially be a part of. The festival is only 3 years old and is only moving upwards to growing bigger and better.

Big ups to the Manifesto crew and everybody who grinded hard to help put this together. You can count on me to be there for next year, no diggity doubt.

Unfortunately there is no pictorial evidence of the event. Why I didn’t bring around one of my various cameras to shoot footage or photograph the festival? I ask myself the same thing. I really should invest in a point-and-shoot camera so I don’t have to worry about the presence of alcohol and electronics being in the same vicinity, also known as my hands.

The day has begun. I wish I could say the same about my assignment that’s due at 9:10am tomorrow morning.

Ah. And what’s this I see? Mr. Sun has finally decided to grace us with it’s presence. Mmm. Thank You.

Getcha Monday mornin’ on, peeps. It only comes once a week=)

I’ve spoken my piece.


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