Dig a Little Deeper

The surface is meant to be broken. Creme brulée wouldn’t be creme brulée without the sweet hard upper shell and the creamy delectable inside. There is no better feeling than cracking the surface and realizing there is more to it than just stiff caramelized sugar.

Why do we go about our robotic everyday life hiding behind our exteriors? People more often times than not walk around brushing past each other without truly engaging in one another’s life. Sure, it’s a selective process. We pick and choose who we want to open ourselves up to. It’s rare to find those who are open books: people who are overflowing with passion, life, love, all that good stuff. Experiences have tainted us. People have hurt us. Our shell gets thicker, our hearts get harder, we are but acquaintances with faces and a missing story.

Do you know me? Do you really really know me?

Because I know you have a story. I want to hear it. I want to know what makes your life beautiful. I want to learn from it. I want to be inspired by it.

Don’t treat me like filling-less Creme brulée. I’m melting away my thick shell because I want you to know that what’s inside is more and better than you could ever imagine.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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