We Only Have Tonight.

Here we go. I feel as though I’ve gone through this routine multiple times in the last three years. I am constantly being sent off, welcomed back, going away parties, packing, saying my goodbyes, and making my reunions. I truly believe this will be a life I’ll live for a long while. I was made for it.

Mmmm. It’s surreal to think that although I am returning to Toronto, I won’t be returning as the same person, or to the same circumstances. Good. I am in need for change and moving forward. 

One thing needs to be said:


Goodbye to my old home. Goodbye to bad habits. Goodbye to empty hopes. Goodbye to young, immature old ways. Goodbye to the idea of you and me. Goodbye to everything I know I can be better than. There is so much more awaiting me. 

Until we see each other again, Toronto.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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