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You are a freaking loaf of bread, that’s all you do, sit there, and loaf around… you loafer! Well, guess what. You’re expiry date is up and you’re gettin’ moldy!” – Brit S.

Oh womanly rants. They get me so heated that my ears start to get hot and my face flushes red. This is just one expressive Italian. Imagine a room full of angry women joining in on a passionate b*tch fest. It is an absolute nightmare. And it is almost always, always… about the same thing. The Opposite Sex.

I shall now turn back the hands of time to the night after watching ‘He’s Not that Into You,’ starring a superstar cast of Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Afleck, etc. This movie was surprisingly enjoyable to watch. It was also very thought provoking, to the point where Brit and I knew a good vent was in order. What transpired from this was the realization that we are just damn tired. I am exhausted from the confusion, the cloudiness and unclear communication between myself and the various men that have walked in and out of my life. Why can’t things ever be just black and white? You are either down for me, or you’re not. I like you back, or I don’t. Especially when it comes to me, I am not easily impressed these days, nor do I like people so quickly, but when I do, I am smitten. I am downright ‘I want to see you, tell you secrets and friggin’ just chhhiiiiilllllll’ sorta-dealy. I will make the effort and take strides to let you know that you have my attention… if you want it.

As of late, I am so confused from the lack of communication, my above-and-beyond efforts, and I just straight up feel like a loser for putting myself so out there. Maybe he’s just not that into me. I can take the hint.

There is too much swagger gone to waste waiting around for someone to get it. I shall go about my own business and will hopefully come across someone who will be eager to reserve my time for a Friday night date, or at least give me a call to want to know how I am. Until then, I no longer care to be the one to initiate movements with the opposite gender. It is draining.

Speaking of drained, slumberland is calling.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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  1. justin "affleck is the bomb" borja said,

    03/29/2009 @ 8:24 am

    i should really stop wondering through the webbernet after engaging in bouts with beer and other means of liquid intoxicating substances, but i guess that’s just how i roll. i’m cool and the gang like that. monday night? lets chill…..

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