It’s finally the end of a long week that can only be summarized best by JJ Wilson: “Char, what is up with the major bipolar facebook statuses?!” No consistency whatsoever this week. I guess you can say I allowed myself to get caught up with a lot of garbage thoughts about things that really aren’t as bad as it seems. Things are never as bad as it seems. 

The day has been therapeutic. I woke up, showered, was picked up by my buddy, Kevin, who was out to prove that delicious dim sum exists and that I mustn’t make drastic final decisions until I go to Bright Pearl. Located in Kensington/Chinatown, this resto was formally a funeral home. [Insert expressionless face here.] Ahh, the sounds of whirring cart wheels, random shouts in cantonese by old ladies with tattooed eyebrows, and the smell of chicken feet are what completed my experience. Halfway through our meal, after hearing the dim sum waitress offer us tripe and beef lips, I commented that I was still not convinced. I don’t know why small little dishes of pure protein don’t appeal to me. I love black beaned beef over rice. No if’s, and’s or but’s. We were soon joined by Kevin’s sister, Carmen, who reinforced our Asian Day, and the three of us reminisced together our experiences at the Warehouse Sale in Niagara Falls. A reunion is in order before I vacate Toronto. Oh helllssss yeah.

We soon parted, and I perused down Queen St. to check in on Rachie Pooh gettin’ her hurr did at Civello. We quickly caught up on the day, and I was off again, but this time northbound to the Granby residence. Greeted by Jen and Brit on the patio, the three of us sat, did a bit of shootin’ the sh*t, and watched the sun go down behind Toronto’s downtown buildings. I never have a dull moment with those two. We are forever commenting that our conversations need to be recorded because amusement there is undeniable. We talk about silly things, we talk about annoying things, but most importantly, we talk ‘real talks.‘ Much learned from today’s session, that’s for sure.

We hugged goodbye, and I was on my way once more. During the subway ride home, I decided to take a detour and went to see what’s poppin’ at VV. This is by far, the best VV I have ever been in, EVVVEERRRRR!!! I spent probably a solid two hours sifting through goods and scooped up $23 dollars worth of awesome. Two vintage belts, earrings, a pair of high-waisted denim jeans, and a skirt that I’ve converted into a dress. Retail therapy, especially when it’s ridiculously frugal, is exactly what I needed.

I’m home now. I made myself a delicious dinner of poulet avec pasta dans cream of chicken soup (with a touch of BBQ/honey — makes an amazing sauce!!) I silently bailed on all Friday night plans. A night of solitude writing a song, recording, and story-boarding is what needs to happen currently. That and… oh… the dishes, my laundry, packing/organizing unwanted shoes and clothes. I get so productive when Jenno goes home to Vancouver. 

Time is tickin’ and my final days in this beautiful basement suite are nearing. I will miss this place dearly. In the mean time, I advise everyone to take advantage of April, it will be the last you will see of me before summer arrives. 


Raul Midon is singing to me, the laundry is done, and the dishes beckon for my attention. 

I’ve spoken my piece.


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