First post to a new blog. 

Secretly, I have two other ones I’ve made that are still in the works. I laughed to myself five minutes ago because awhile ago I tried to create an account using ‘charloro’ and became SO annoyed that it was already taken! I said to myself, ‘WHO THE HELL could possibly be another char loro, TAKE the name, and not even use up their blog!?’ I felt like messaging this person and saying, ‘Um, excuse me, for the protection of my full name, I would love it if you deleted your blog since it’s not in use, and let ME have it. THANKS.’

… that conversation with myself happened about… ohhhh… a month ago.

Today I found out I was the one who created the blog under ‘char loro.’

I. am. a. LOSER.

–Moving on. 

I don’t enjoy nerdy computer talk, html, CSS?! Widgets?!? What is this business??? The last time I was seriously on frequent blogging, it was called xanga, and all I had to do was type a bunch of meaningful/meaningless thoughts and click ‘Submit.’ I don’t understand all this extra business. It’s a headache. I’m actually pretty annoyed about it. Don’t expect a fancy looking blog here. Nothing is special except for perhaps my words. Oh, and this clever little photo as my header, c/o Sir Nathan Santos. Fitting to my theme — looks like I’m thinkin’ up something real hard and real good. Lies. I am only at Fran’s wondering if I should risk it and order their Eggs Benny when I know the best one is from Eggspectation. Needless to say, the Eggs Benny was garbage and I lived out the rest of my afternoon in shameless regret. 


Expect more soon. I am indeed a mouthful.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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  1. justin "sleepyhead" borja said,

    03/26/2009 @ 1:03 pm

    somebody has joined the wonderful world of blogging (or at the least made public the url of one such blog). i even got a shout out on your blogroll….”i’m licking my bass”….

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