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It’s been a minute. Posting things in a timely manner is definitely something I’d like to be on top of come 2010. Consider it an early New Year’s Resolution.

Here are the flicks of Mr. Josh Angeles’ quarter century birthday. Why don’t I just say “25th” birthday instead of “quarter century” which makes him sound so much more ancient than he actually is? Well… that’s just what it is, son, what it is. Lol. This night was definitely memorable, especially considering I barely knew Josh at the time and received the invite to his birthday celebration via his mama dukes. “Char, you should come to Ajax next week to Josh’s birthday. I’m going to make a lumpia! And leche flan!” Ummm… excuse me? Again, I reiterate that I am Filipino home cooking deprived. I cannot pass up an invitation to partake in such a feast, especially of delicacies from my home country, and ESPECIALLY from like, the cutest mom in life.

Detrimental amounts of drinking alcoholic beverages took place. Guitar jamming, majong, little children running around, and gambling circles are all the typical activities you’d find at an authentic Filipino famjam. Needless to say, I had a blast.

Happy Birthday, Josh…. (like, a month and a half ago.) You are definitely a fun and hilarious human to be around. Can’t say that I don’t enjoy your company;) Love and love.

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I’ve spoken my piece.


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Oh Biggie, Gimme one more chaaannceee…

I received an interesting comment on one of my blog posts today at which I tried to rebuttal and failed due to an invalid email address. I’m in no way, shape, or form trying to start some hatorade action, because I possess not an inkling of malice within me. I simply dislike being misjudged and given an unfair chance. Point was valid, but I believe to completely jump the gun to a conclusion. A conclusion which has strongly mistaken my character.

The comment addresses the post entitled Courage.

“Here I am, all froshed out and excited to meet new people at my new school, and these two fine black men are asking me to come join the United Black Students of Ryerson?! They must toooottaallly think I’m cute. And well… I love black boys. Chop, chop, chop, knaw mean?!?! I’m in.”

This comment is all kinds of wrong. I’m surprised no ones called you out on this. Glad you joined the union cause you love them black boys. It made me not even want to bother reading anything that came after it. – by “WACK” under “”

If you are reading this, Mr./Mrs./Miss Wack, Please read the following which was an attempt to respond:

Hi there,

I just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog post. I’m not quite sure who you are and whether or not you know me personally, but if you do, then I don’t think you would’ve taken it the way you did, considering you’d know the type of person I am. I wrote the above paragraph with as much of a joking tone as possible; it is the sarcasm and hyperbolic statements that define my character. Twas not my sole intent of associating myself with this student group. Curiosity and amazing people truly drew me in. I highly encourage you to read the rest of the blog post because what you’ll find is the revelations I had having attended such a wonderful and culturally enriching conference, especially for someone who isn’t black.

Apologies for having irked you in any way.
Again, I encourage you to give the read a second chance.
And if not, peace be on your way.

Love and love.
– Char

I’ve spoken my piece.

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Grind or Go Home.

Inconsistency sometimes bothers me. Especially when it’s being inconsistent with the things that matter. I don’t know if many people can describe me as possessing that trait, but I think in certain aspects, especially as of late, I am. It’s not necessarily the nature of who I am, but more so the influence of my external surroundings that’s caused me to be as such. For example, the entire month of November has been just straight ridiculous stupid craziness. New York, Montreal, 3 projects/assignments/essays/exams a week. It has pushed me to the edge and beyond. In some respects I can say I had a good handle on it, but at times I just got tired of it that I checked out.


Checking out. “Checking out”.

It’s not a good look, people. Not a good look at all. When I used to be a manager and had worked with employees who had already given in their two-week’s notice, having them “checked-out” had to be one of the most annoying things in the world. I’m not going to front like I’ve never done it, but man… I believe that if you commit to something, you commit all the way. I want to live up to that standard.

I feel as of late, I’ve been surrounded in an environment that hasn’t necessarily encouraged a productive demeanor. There is no blame game. Choices that were made were done by no one but thiiisss guyyyyy *points to herself* over here.

There may be two weeks left of exams, three videos to cut (one of which includes an entire 3-day conference), and other minor things to be accomplished, but there is no way I can afford “checking out” and doing a half-assed job to reflect my name. I’m not where I want to be and I’m definitely not where I know I can be. Sure, me being constantly hard on myself can be annoying and you may look at me like, “What the hell is this girl talking about?!” Well, suck it, I only do it because I know I’m capable of more than this.

Lovehard is grinding hard and staying committed to the end. Please, hold me to this declaration.
Here’s to the next two weeks before my departure for Vancouver. Christmas will be so sweet. So, so, SO sweet.

Until then.
I’ve spoken my piece.

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