Eclectic Minds VI

A promotional flyer for Eclectic Minds, a series of live performances based in Toronto, Canada.

Having never heard any material from the performers on this bill, it was difficult to reflect what they were about in the visuals.

We opted to go with layout over concept on this one, and the end result is just clean, straightforward design.

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Urban Elements

A promotional flyer for Urban Elements, a series of live performances based in Toronto, Canada.

After completing the Eclectic Minds flyer, Sundown Entertainment contact me about doing another flyer, this time for another show full of live performances that drew a heavier influence from the urban arts/community.

I knew I definitely didn't want to beat a dead horse and do the cliche flyer with Emcee's, Dj's, B-boy's (and girls!), and Graffiti spewed across it (not that there's anything wrong with that), so the challenge here was coming up with a concept that I felt hasn't been done yet.

In the same way that this event drew it's inspiration from Hip-Hop/Urban culture, I drew a lot of visual inspiration from the Periodic Table of Elements.

Get it? Urban Elements? Periodic Table of Elements?