Beetle Brit x TFHOUSE x DSTRY

[Beetle Brit dancin’ like there was no tomorrah!]

Finally, the cold, long, and hard fight to finish my last semester of 2nd year is over. After many a late nights, back aches, and editing sessions… I am now free to assess how exactly I want to make the most of this summer. What better way to celebrate last Thursday, the 28th, then to party it up with my sisters at the Crawford for Beetle Brit’s 22nd Birthday?!? Better yet, let’s jam out to TFHOUSE’s Superior Taste Mixtape release, AND the launch of my boys’ artist collective, DSTRY, aka the Destroyers. I danced like a bafoon. I shot bullets into the air every five seconds, made gun noises with my mouth and boomed them into the ear of the DJ. I sang all the wrong lyrics. I was kind of feeling awesome. Then, I went home and munched on Montreal bagels. Life in 2011 ain’t half bad, folks.

Here are the flicks from that night, starting with Beetle Brit’s surprise brunch — Lox and Cream cheese on a Montreal Bagel… with a Rickards Tall Boy, of course! Enjoy.

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Main Ingredient: April Edition

It’s that time again. If ya dun kno, Main Ingredient is a party that I’ve been working for, for a year and a half and every month the music is guaranteed to be live. But the party is only as good as who’s there. So come through and bring your good vibes… let’s rock out and hopefully the sun will get the hint and bring us back the Spring we never had! Sean Sax. Mensa. Agile. Wan Luv. Ohtake. Sheryl. Notaurious. Yobi. Dope-A-Lot. Yours Truly. With the Side Dish: James Redi. Hector. Let’s go hard!!

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TO Love JP

Saturday evening is a very special charity concert happening at Vola Nightclub. Tons of names on the bill. Hosted by my girl Phoenix, music by  a buncha DJs including my Main Ingredient fam DJ Sean Sax, as well as performances by Erik Flowchild, PG, Shi Wisdom, Linda Lutzono, Quentin Vercetty, just to name a few…My girl Phoenix has been working very hard putting this fundraiser together with Songbird Jazmine and hollered at me to do my ‘click click’ ting from the jump.

Come. Vibe to Toronto talent, be in good energy, and send LOVE to Japeezy.

Click HERE for facebook invite.


The Fundamentals: This Friday!

This Friday, March 18th, The Fundamentals returns at Augusta House, this time with special guest DJ’s Sweet Touch Foundation (Finnaaally, Paul, Rick! It’s been a minute), along with resident DJ’s Big Jacks and Mensa, myyyyy peoples! Hosted by Bozack Morris of Black-Rap and Lambert Leander of Classe Nouveau, with the drunken-yet-artistic-never-break-my-camera-knock-on-wood photography by yours truly.  We be bringin’ you the fundamentals in hip hop, cheap shots and drinks, and the chillin’ illin’ vibe that Kensington Market provides. Augusta House will be bumpin. Shouts to my girl and photography hero, Angie Choi, of EYEKAHFOTO, who will be jammin’ out on her Bornday this Friday! Bom bom bom!

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The Main Ingredient hosted by Janelle Monae!!

In lieu of Canadian Music Week, this month’s Main Ingredient is putting on two wicked music groups — Art of Fresh and The Lytics, whom I’m currently taking in right now. Art of Fresh with Toronto’s D.O. and Slakah the Beatchild, these guys give it to us with ‘hip-house’…. aka I LOVE IT. Take in this track right now — Get Free. If that doesn’t make you dance, then you’ve got wooden legs, bro. Shouts to homegirl Marina who’s the sexy half russian half korean dancer with D.O! The Lytics, hailing from Peg-City, take more of a hip-hop approach with some seriously quality lyrics (thank god). I particularly am vibing this chune — Last Bit. As if those dudes aren’t exciting enough, hosting alongside our beloved Wan Luv is JANELLE MONAE. BAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! She’s so 9340jfklajfkl ejiaowe; fioaw GOOD. Holy. Makes me so excited. I mean, look at this video — Many Moons. This song and visual accompaniment are so impressive it blows my brain balls. “You’re free but in your mind, your freedom’s in a bind.” OKAY, Janelle. YOU’RE cool.

Anyways… MY POINT IS… why wouldn’t you come? Ohhh… because the weather is still winter and it’s making everyone so frustrated? Dance it off, bro.

Saturday. You’re there.

Or You’re not.

I’m indifferent.

But You?

Could feel like you missed out on LIFE.

(Char’s crazy.)

Facebook invite HERE.

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!



[TFHOUSE, beeeeeeeeetch]

Upon high demand from Teddy’s loyal followers, he put on a show performing some of his songs from his mixtape he released last summer, as well as gave everyone something to get hyped up for with his upcoming album Superior Taste, that’s bout to drop in 2 weeks. His songs he performed with Dana definitely showed everyone what he’s been in the studio for, something that defies what everyone thought TFHouse was about. Prior to gracing the stage with his signature dance moves and undeniable presence, Teddy had MONEY BOXX from Tokyo open up for him (who knew rapping in japanese would be so friggin’ mind blasting), as well as ANTZ ONE, a skater-rapper also featured with the Granby Girls in TFHouse’s music video for On My Way.  Nocturne was bumpin, a really cool venue (minus the wack chick bartender who wouldn’t serve me, WACK.) At the end of the night, our fam went out to New Ho King for a whole bunch of “Cheers”ing to a successful night, that Teddy sucks and may never rock a show ever again. =D

Here are the flicks from that night:

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[The Beetles and Tater aka The Granby Girls]

No overpriced cover charges. No excessive skanking out or waiting in lines for the door, for a drink, OR for a cab. Everyone came as they were, spirits merry and ready to ring in a New Year. There just isn’t any snazzy party in the world that can compare to a really intimate house jam. Thanks to the friends and famz that rolled through and celebrated with us. My only regrets were missing the countdown while running up my stairs… and making those damn jello shooters too strong. Lol!

I wish I took a lot more pics, especially of everyone who ended up coming through, but truthfully, by midnight we were all feelin’ a little bit craaazyy. Lol. Here are some of the flicks of that night:

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LAUGH at the Granby Mansion

[Beetle Jenn and Handlez]

An impromptu house jam at the Granby Mansion last weekend. My lovely compadre and super talented dancer Jesse Catibog seems to have this habit of attending various house parties, picking up random props that peaks his intrigue, and then making everyone pose with them in front of his camera. Here are the flicks of that night — such ill vibes!

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The BEST House Party… EVVAAAA!!

[Jeremy Glenn having the time of his lifeeeee]

Tis the season folks.
It’s cold, sometimes snowy, and this desire to get intimate and spend quality time with the ones we love is even stronger this time of the year. So let’s bust out those infamous red Dixie cups, get some liqueur a pourin’, and crank those chunes just a few decibels higher.
Get ready for a string of various house jam photos taken of this wonderful 2010 winter season.

3 floors. 1st floor — chill spot. 2nd floor — Hip Hop room. 3rd floor — House room.
Till 7 in the morning.

Here are the flicks:

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What’s GOOD in the Hood?

And so Winter  break commences! Classes are over but exams are upon me. Thankfully I’ve only got two and they’re soft tings (or so I think, lol). Plans for the winter holiday? Weelllps… I’m sure not going home to Vancouver for Christmas, sigh, which is okay with me considering I picked up a winter seasonal job and making some mad coin right now is my first priority… To be completely frank, I want take this time to really rejuvenate and get some personal projects done. They’ve been sitting on the back burner for a minute now and we all know that never feels too good to have things looming! Other than that, a whole crap load of events are hitting my agenda and it’s that time of year in Toronto that even though snow and cold likes to taunt us… we just retaliate by partying even harder!

Here’s a roll call of  the events gwannin’ this week, in case ya’ll are experiencing some cabin fever and need to get out! Check:

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