Tiff & Dan: Behind The Scenes Pt. 1

Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve always thought so. Tiff is such a beautiful soul inside and out. We first met a few years back during a photo shoot we did with The Main Ingredient party, and since then we’d always run into each other either at TMI parties, at different dance events, and just around the T.O. hood. It was such a pleasure to be asked to shoot Behind The Scenes photos for her wedding day! I’ve never shot a wedding before, video or photo wise, not my thing that I like to agree to… but for Tiff, considering she wanted to take me on under the premise of what I do best — catch moments, I was soooo down. Her hubby and I have only ever met once, so I didn’t know too much about him, but after just the short hour and a half I was capturing her and the bridal party getting ready, I could tell that they were something special… you know, the type of partnership you’ve always wanted, didn’t know if it existed, and then by way of the Universe, finally attracted it into your life. Two individuals who are constantly seeking consciousness, betterment for the environment, and sharing that passion with everyone who comes their way… Tiff and Dan are two humans who have definitely inspired me with their passion, love, and also their love for each other.

The Bridal Party, Ceremony, and Reception to come, stay chuned for the next parts…

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