Handle Yourself.

There’s no point in feeling insecure about your complexities. They are what is most beautiful about You. You are not Too Much. You are not Too Much, at all. You are enough. Yes, You. Just as you are. You are not simple — layers uncovering more layers, and colors, and shapes, and patterns. You are unique and one of a kind — the imprint you leave on this Earth is unlike any other. Through time and space, there has and only ever will be, One You.

I love that about You. There really is nobody else like You.

The greatest thing about your complexities, is that they can be so heart wrenchingly challenging, but that doesn’t come without the most fulfilling reward. That is, You, at your fullest potential. The Best version of You. The version you never knew existed.

Complexity brings dimension, it brings new perspective, different smells, and textures, and sounds you’ve never heard. Complexity brings the Fun, the Dangerous, the Exciting, the Angry, the Sad, the Depressingly Sad, the Furious, the Extreme, the Adventurous, the Loving, the Caring, the Hilarious, the Evil, the Good, the Confident, the Meek, the… Everything.

You show us why Life is worth living, and living Real Good.

Handle your complexities. You’ve come this far… it’s worth going all the way.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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