The Clothes Hangar: SASS & BIDE ‘Freedom Fighter’ Tee

[Photo by Eyekahfoto]

Yes. I am absolutely ready to rock a revolution. And that was definitely the case for Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, who started up this eclectic clothing company out of sheer will and creativity. Sass & Bide represents one of Australia’s most prominent international women’s fashion labels, and rightfully so, because after following Middleton and Clarke’s blog, it’s clear to see that these ladies will stop at nothing in terms of pushing limits to their designs, and doing what it takes to make sure the right people know about who they are.

I was particularly drawn to a story about how ten years ago, Clarke and Middleton were in New York City, and so happened to come across the set of Sex And The City. Wearing a self-styled denim jacket from their clothing line, Clarke removed her jacket and gave it to the security guard to give to Sarah Jessica Parker as a present. The next day, SJP invited the ladies into her trailer and asked to be shown their whole line, which led to specially made items for the TV show! Man, an SJP co-sign? It was over, baby!

Needless to say, here I am, a new fan! And rockin’ this ‘Freedom Fighter’ off the shoulder tee. Simple in statement, powerful in outer attire. Hear me roar.

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Along with this outfit I am wearing:

– Levi’s cut off shorts – Philistine Vintage on Queen St. West
– Loafer style heels – Aldo
– Headband – Mother’s Closet
– White and Navy Blue Beaded Necklace – St. Lawrence Market
– Brown Leather ‘I Am Distinctly Beautiful’ bracelet – Carlos Andres Gomez

Shouts to Angie Choi of Eyekahfoto for taking these photos!

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