Connected. [Part 4]

And here I am… returning to this song once again. It’s not so new. The words come out from a subconscious memory, escaping my lips to the same melody she sings sweetly, sincerely. This song used to make me think of You. Well, maybe because I even thought to say that out loud… this song still makes me think of You.

You’re different Now.

Or maybe it’s Me.

It’s definitely Me. I don’t see things the way I used to. No, but I see them more clearly. Innocence and taintlessness, I hang onto more tightly. The idea of What Could Be seems farther than what I remembered. The shell grows thicker and the heart grows harder.

But I know more things. Important things. Things that make me feel old. Things that make me feel… wiser. Things that make me feel… Stronger. Like… I can take this. I can take it.

I hear this song all over again and all I remember is how I felt when I first heard it.

There is so much deeper to dig from Here. There is So Far To Go. Preparation will Meet Opportunity.

This will not be in Vain.

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