The Clothes Hangar: EVER Sebou Vest Sweater

Oooh oooh ooooohhhh, you don’t even know how much I love this vest! Made of cashmere and silk, this super lightweight sweater-vest surprisingly provides a lot of warmth, not to mention the fact that it feels like butta on yo breakfast toast (well… on your skin, obviously.) It’s such a great layer to add onto any outfit — dressed up or dressed down. The idea of absolute comfortability partnered with 1st class luxury is like the ultimate marriage, and who better ┬áto express that through their designs than LA based company, EVER.

EVER started back in ’03 by a man named Jason Bleick, who took his experience designing in the action sports industry, and decided to meld the idea of luxury and comfortability and bring it about in his designs for travel and casual wear. Looking through EVER‘s collections for summer and fall, it’s evident to see that his designs are timeless — pieces that are simple enough for one to make their own with their own style, but at the same time, can be great as stand alone garments.

Two things I really appreciate about EVER is that 1) they really value using high quality fabrics and components, and 2) their philosophy on life based on an asian proverb: “Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root.” This proverb embraces progress yet timelessness, to travel and to return home.

I love this mantra. It speaks my truth. We are ever growing, ever changing, ever moving, ever progressing… but we can never forget our roots, and we can never forget to be thankful for where we came from…

Check the pics that Eyekahfoto took of me after the jump.

Also with this vest I’m wearing:

Navy blue polka dot skirt-turned-strapless dress – Double Take Vintage Store
Red Belt with Gold buckle – Mother’s Closet
Beige open toed kitten heels – Value Village

If you’re interested in scooping up this super dope sweater vest or checking out what else The Clothes Hangar has to offer from the EVER line, check them out HERE, and don’t forget to use the LOVEHARD discount code to receive 25% off all regular priced merchandise! Holla!

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