The Clothes Hangar x Lovehard: A New Friendship

A couple of weeks ago when I was home in Vancity, an old high school colleague of mine emailed me asking for us to get together to catch up, as well as talk some bihnnizzz regarding Lovehard and his new found company called The Clothes Hangar. Edmund Chiu, from how I remembered him, was more of a nerdy, quiet type of dude, but always so nice to everyone and down to help if ever I asked. He was that guy who, no matter what you told him was going on in your life, he would just be super into what you’re saying and actually care. I loved that about him!

Flash forward, 5 years later, I’m walking down the steps of Commercial Drive station and I see this man, dressed quite dapper, faaacial hair, with a big smile on his face exclaiming, “You look beautiful!” I was trippin’ out! People change so much post-high school, and after grabbing some breakie on the Drive and hearing more about how he started The Clothes Hangar, I became idea-driven with how Lovehard could collaborate with his company.

Edmund is definitely not a one man show. His counterpart, Michelle Giang, whom we both went to high school with, was always someone I loved talking to whenever we were in choir together or just in the grad hallway. The Clothes Hangar, which is Edmund and Michelle’s online clothing store, carries a variety of independent brands that exude individuality, finesse, and sophistication minus the pretentiousness.

For the next while, Lovehard will be sponsored by The Clothes Hangar, posting about the various brands that they carry online, doing look-book style photo shoots in how I’d rock these pieces in my style, being a walking-talking model in these dope clothes at the various events I work at/attend, as well as offer all of you a GREAT discount code of 25% off all regular priced merchandise.

Stay chuned for what’s to come!

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