Lovehard presents: ACE’S HENNA

A little while back during a school multi-cultural festival, a booth was set up representing India and had henna tattoo artists giving people free henna designs. I immediately noticed this one girl who’s designs were so intricate and detailed, I was blown away. After trying to see if I could snag a spot in line to get a tattoo done with this artist, she and I ended up talking about how she had always wanted to do a full piece on someone’s back. It took a little while for us to finally get together and manifest her idea, but we did it! And holy, did it look amazing.

Shouts to Asma of ACE HENNA for doing this piece on me. She is the best henna artist I’ve ever met, and I am seriously considering her designing a real tattoo like this for me. What’s awesome about Henna, which, if you don’t know anything about it, is a plant that stains a beautiful brown on your skin. It’s temporary too! So you can try out as many designs as you want if you never want to take that leap on something permanent.

For pricing and more information, email Asma at or check out her facebook fanpage at

[My sister Beetle Brit also got her upper sleeve done! Hott!]

[the piece in all it’s entirety]

Check below for the full Flickr Album as well as a short video documenting the creative process. Shouts to Brent Marson for filming this for me, and I gotta big up my dude Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester on the sound bed track — off of The Mint Condition album!

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