[3 dAyZ apart, Tan-tan]

“Man, Char, ┬áif you and I ever dated… think about it, our relationship would be EPIC!” This seemed to be an ongoing joke between the both of us for the last decade. Born three days apart, since childhood, our friends have always made the prediction that one day we would get married. The truth to this suggestion is that as quickly as we’d get married, we would kill each other, or if we felt like being nice, get a lovely little divorce. Maybe even throw a party for the separation.

Nathan Santos, someone who I’ve known since I was four years old. On my 6th birthday, during the blowing-candles-birthday-cake portion of the celebration, Nate sang up front and center, “Haapppy Birthday, SHUT UP!!!!” Yes. He was a brat then, and he still is now. Over the years, we’ve grown together, experienced… man… LOTS. I’ve seen him go through his many phases of “I love hiphop.” “I love breaking.” “I love skating.” “I’m over it.” And to this day, he is still someone I consider one of my closest back home in Vancity.

It was pretty dope to be able to spend his 23rd birthday with him. Crazy and unpredictable, Nate thought it no better than to kick off his 23rd year of life than to jump off a plane. How jealous was I!!! Our god-brother John joined him, while his girlfriend Hannah and I documented it from ground level. And as I expected… Nate’s reaction post landing was ecstatic.

[Nate and John]

[boarding the plane]

We then rolled back to downtown Vancity to have dinner with all his friends at my favorite Japanese restaurant — GUU. Sake Mojitos are what I converted everybody to… and Nate had a huge mug-full, a custom order even I’ve never had!

My dearest Tan-tan, despite time and distance, you know I always have you. Never forget, progress comes first from the way your mind works. Get your mind raw and your heart open, and everything will come to You. Jordan year, baby. Let’s do this!

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