VANCITY: Fabulous is an Understatement

“Take our picture!!!” He squealed as he adjusted his sunglasses and put his hand on the small of Nesa’s back. Richie, in his grey blazer, crisp white button up and signature red dixie cup, rolled his eyes in obviousness at my comment that “Hey! You and Ness are matching!” “Duh!” He retorted, “We do this every year!!”

But of Course.

[Nesa and Richie, in all their glory.]

How lucky was I that this summer, my trip home would fall on one of the dates that they’d have their annual BBQ joint birthday celebration. Blond streaks in tight curls and a smile as big as her heart, Nesa hugged me warmly, saying, “It’s so awesome that you’re home for our birthday.” And I felt it too. There was no denying, at these jams, food is always on point. Mama Vo marinated a mean assortment of meat ¬†of which Will took the ¬†reigns on the BBQ to grill. Complementing our carcinogen indulgences was Lyn’s famous sangria, or ‘strawberry soup’ as I liked to call it. Despite my low tolerance for alcohol, there just wasn’t enough left for me to get a good buzz on. Too many people had gotten to the ladle before me.

[Lyn and her signature sangria!]

[Nesa and Lyn]

With Alex on his mini-decks, chunes were bumpin’ on Richie’s massive patio. Dancing commenced as if it had been going on for days, while everyone hoped to god that they wouldn’t become Jay-R’s next lap dance victim. Always the life of the party, he instigated a rowdy game of flip cup of which I chose to opt out of and grub on more skewers. Can’t get me away from those damn SKEWERS.

[Alex on the 1’s and 2’s.]

[Will on the Grill]

[Life of the party, Jay-R, with Sharkee and Nate]

Pausing the music and interrupting the party, because they could, Nesa and Richie gathered everyone’s attention to make a birthday toast with their giant bottle of champagne. To think it was two summers ago already that the both of them became one of the main reasons why the summer of 2009 is held close to my heart.

[Richie and Moi]

Starting to feel my buzz come on, most likely because Hevia spoon fed me Crown and Coke, I looked at Richie and Nesa and shook my head in almost disbelief. Being around those two always makes me feel like I’m at a level of fabulousness I didn’t know was possible. Then again, Fabulous for those two, is simply an Understatement.

[Oh drunken birthday boy and his friends]

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