Guilty Pleasures: St. Lawrence Market

Courtesy of a post by Miss Natasha Singh of, she had reminded me that during the last 2 years of living up the street from St. Lawrence market, I have had yet to explore the glory that is Sunday afternoon on Front and Jarvis. I made it a point that during Hangover Sunday, I would make a lovely bike trip down there to see what the haps is.

My, oh, My.

I almost didn’t want to share this post, because it is a secret I want to selfishly keep to myself. Let’s just say it is my dream accessory shop for all time. $2, $3 bins of button earrings, gold, gold, gold chains of all sorts, bracelets, scarves, dangling delights! Oh my Lord I was in heaven! I spent a whopping $40 bones on a pair of really dapper spectacles, and an assortment of my latest finger, ear, and neck adornments. They actually make me giddy.

Let me tell you, though… if you have never haggled or been to an open market like this before, learn how to bargain! So many people with an inconsistent word and horribly inflated pricing. Know your worth and stand your ground, soldier. Instant Vintage is at your finger tips. Another trip out to St. Lawrence will gwan again soon, especially considering I only made my rounds to just a quarter of it… and may I tell you… It totally battles the Brooklyn Flea market, in my eyes. That’s a treasure, folks!

The rest of my Hangover Sunday was spent picking up salmon filets with Beetle Brit, and bbq’ing them with lemon, garlic, cream sauce, with some tomato feta salad and rice on the side. A Lovely afternoon with my sisters. Hope you all could say the same.

Enjoy the flicks of Beetle Brit and I’s new found treasure! Share this secret wisely.

[Frames, it’s all about the Frames.]

Also… another secret I dare to share… tomorrow is 50% Value Village Day. You know where I’ll be.

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!


  1. Jennifer B said,

    06/27/2011 @ 5:39 am

    Sunday market is the shiiiiit girl… anything you have in mind you can find it there. ! so random sometimes… see you soon

  2. Natasha said,

    06/27/2011 @ 11:33 am

    Wow… tre impressive!!! Your truly scored big time… We shall go together in the near future. Great work for being hungover 😉

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