Summer Part Deux

[taken at the reFRESH Ent. Boat Cruise Party]

And so closes the first chapter of my Summer. My last day of my internship at MuchMusic working for RapCity and The Wedge comes to an end tomorrow night. It’s been a crazy 3 months being introduced to that world, and needless to say, I am leaving with a brain full of knowledge, ideas, and a new perspective. Being there has taught me more about who I want to be, and what I want to be a stand for… and this, is the best thing MuchMusic has done for me.

With that being said, I also didn’t receive the second internship I applied for this summer, which was for a social media position for a company called Delvinia. They seemed like a really wicked company and the interview went really well, just wasn’t in the cards for me, I guess. But if I’m being completely honest, I felt that in my gut. Discovering that I would be spending the rest of my summer freelancing and grinding out on my Lovehard ish… actually made me the most excited.

I’ve been on a crazy inspiration spree as of late, writing constantly in my notebook the five million ideas exploding in my mind, and hitting up people who I’ve been eager to blog about/work with. I turn 23 next week, my Jordan year. I also leave for home, VanCity, for about a week-12days, and will be doing a whole series called Lovehard Goes to VanCity, where I’ll be hitting up all these super dope artists that I wanna show love to.

And when I get back… I’m goin harder.

So if you, yes you, reading this… would like to propose a special project (hopefully that could help me pay my rent and feed mi belly), hire me for my various photography/videography/social media management skrills… email me at and let’s make big tings gwan!

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