Recap: FUNDAMENTALS May 20th, 2011

[Spotted: eyeamtheo and TFHOUSE of, and Beetle Jenn, of course!]

If you’ve never been to a Fundamentals jam, then you’ve seriously been missing out on your chance for me to capture you with my drunken photography. Honestly, you think it’s easy to take photographs while juggling a drink in your hand and potentially already being inebriated upon party arrival? AND make everyone look good?!

Hahahaha. I’m totally joshin… (Who says that?!)

#FACT: Char Loro takes pictures better when she’s hammered.
#FACT: Black-Rap and Classe Nouveau are the only party promoters (thus far) who fully back that ish up.
#FACT: Fundamentals therefore has the funnest pictures I’ve taken at parties.
#FACT: Fundamentals has the funnest people I’ve ever taken pictures for at parties.

The rules are simple.
1. ‘Stush’ is not welcome.
2. Don’t pose. There’s nothing to front.
3. No, I will not ‘Show you’ the picture after I take it. Do you remember what film used to be like?! Wait in anticipation. You look gooooooood, girl!
4. If you’ve having fun, I’ll be sure to capture it. If you’re having toooo much fun, Hahahaha I will Deeefinitely capture it.

Stay tuned for the next Fundamentals jam, featuring your resident DJ’s Big-Jacks and Mensa, new guest DJ’s, and hosted by Black-Rap and Classe Nouveau. Once a month at Augusta House. Bom bom!

For now, check the flicks, homie.

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