Easter at Nonnies

[Moi, Iolanda, Beetle Brit, Ash]

Twas a wonderful Easter Sunday, quite different from the many years I’ve spent celebrating it going to church with my family as a yout. My sister/soulmate/roomate/best friend/wingwoman/partner in crime fo lyfe, aka Beetle Brit, invited me to spend Easter Sunday with her beautiful italiano side of her familia. Brit, myself, and her older sister Ash, drove out to Woodbridge and was instantly greeted by Brit’s Nonna and Nonno, aka the cutest grandparents of life. Zia Theresa, Iolanda, Frank, and of course, Hershey/Cookie (the dog has two names and understands Italian, ehhh!) were also there to have probably the most juiciest tenderloin I’ve ever had. We had tomatas, patatas, green olive and green tomatoes, homemade bread, cheeses, homemade wine, lemon cheesecake for dessert… Lord, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nonna and Nonno raised the cows themselves. Everything was exquisitely simple and delicious. Italians know whattup, forreal though! We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing on the couch, watching the wedding preparations of Prince William and Kate, then took a lovely walk round the¬†suburban¬†hood with little pup. It was such a wonderful day, and super awesome to get to know Brit’s italiano side of her family. I received ample kisses, warm embraces, and a lotta tinfoiled leftovers upon returning back to downtown Toronto. I also received the official invite to upcoming BBQ’s, BOO YA! Love, Love, Love to the Sirianni familia.

Hope ya’ll had a relaxing and wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy the flix.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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