Superior Taste – TFHOUSE

[It’s finally here. Superior Taste by TFHOUSE]

My best friend Teddy has been working diligently with the TFHOUSE team aka DSTRY and Beetle Brit for the past couple of months. Meetings upon meetings at the Granby Mansion, these guys sure know how to break me from my study state when they have surprise meetings at the crib. I can’t say it any other way: I am so effing proud of Teddy. The production value on this mixtape is unreal. He has grown exponentially since his last mixtape (On My Way), not even a whole year ago. The songs on this album really suit the vibe I dig. When I have a whole album on repeat, that says something. By far, my favorite song is ‘So Dope’ and have had that song pulled up over and over and over again all day… provokes too many bad ass music video ideas in my head. *Achem Teddy*. Lol.

Check the full album here on Teddy’s bandcamp.

Also, a special treat because Teddy just likes to do ish like that, here’s a music video to ‘Fade’ feat. Devin Wilson from Bravestation. One of my best homegirls from my program is the leading actress. Shouts to the beautiful and talented Katie Bishop!

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

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