“What you sayin’ tonight?”

Man, my Fridays and Saturdays sure don’t feel like weekends anymore. Goin into the editing labs till like 1am on a Friday night, being exposed to all the (actually) super cool cats who like to spend their weekend evenings on their grind, has changed my perspective on a lot of things. I love being out and about in the city, and everyone knows I love music and I love dancing, but… as exhausting as doing all this school work is, I kind of don’t mind it. (Except for the fact that my back KILLS.) Sometimes I get waves of anxiety, trying to organize all the things I need to do and feeling like I’ll never get it all accomplished, but in truth, embracing it and feeling like I know I’m accomplishing things I can be proud of, well, that makes it all that much more worth it.

Lately I’ve been on my greazy working on this mini-doc for my Design In Media class. It’s about the Toronto Street Art/Graffiti scene and I have to say, the entire process has been so rewarding. Being my toughest critic, looking back on it, I wish I had taken this shot, or that shot, or got more B-Roll of this… but the content of what was being said, and the inside look I got into the personal world of some of these pretty extraordinary artists, is more valuable than what any other interviewer could obtain. I’ve learned a lot through this process about who I am/who I can be as a media artist, and my responsibility as someone as the future of media. The best stories I heard or the things I saw while interviewing these artists, I didn’t even get on camera. And even though I partially wish I did so I could let everyone in on what I experienced, there are just some things that can only be captured with the mind and the heart. I feel honored to be let into a world that’s not my own, and to appreciate it for what it is.

That’s my little update for now. Back to the editing lair I go…

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