A Word from MA DUKES

[Ma Dukes aka Dilla’s Mom]

A few weeks back during my reading break, my man DJ Nana hollered at me and asked me if I was down for being part of this very, very exciting weekend he was putting together for Ma Dukes, aka Dilla’s mom. It was one of those unknowingly amazing weekends that I never expected would unfold. In lieu of his birth/death anniversary, Nana along with a super dope team of peoples, organized a special screening of Suite For Ma Dukes — a short film about a composer who took some of Dilla’s best songs and had them performed by a 30 piece orchestra, with guest performances by D’Angelo, Bilal, Common, and De La Soul.

[Nana and Ma Dukes]

Afterwards was a Q & A with Ma Dukes and Dank from Frank n’ Dank in which I learned more about one of the most legendary hip hop producers of all time than I had ever known before. Being able to film Ma Dukes’ interviews and her time spent here in Toronto was such a blessing — she is downright one of the most humblest and kindest people I’ve ever come across. Her presence is that of a powerful yet strong spirit, and being around her was a beautiful energy I really needed. Shouts to Nana and the whole crew who put this together, I had such a friggin’ dope and inspiring weekend. Thank you again soooo much for asking me to be part of this really, really special trip for Ma Dukes.

[Ma Dukes and I, photo cred: Anna Keenan]

A Word from MA DUKES from Char Loro on Vimeo.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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