For most of us, we grew up with our mamas tellin’ us it was important to share. “You hab to share,” she’d say with a stern tone and thick filipino accent. The funny thing about my mom was, she never elaborated on the importance of WHY I should share. Knowing now the filipino show-face mentality, it could very well be for the reason that nobody wants their kid to be known as the ‘selfish-ill-mannered kid’ among the judging eyes and chiss-miss gossiping Titas. Either way, I learned to “share”. Share my dolls, share my stuffed animals, share my friggin‘ stickers. But there is always that thing… you know what I’m talkin’ bout. That thing (or for me… kind of a list of things, lol) that we’re just a taaad bit reluctant to share. For some of you it might be your most favorite Polly Pocket that you begged your parents to buy you for your birthday, or maybe a rare Optiumus Prime limited edition Transformers action figure… For me, it has always been, my favorite food…s. LOL. I’m sorry! *Looks sheepishly side-to-side* *Raises right hand in the air* Fine! I’ll admit… if we’re at saaayy, a Chinese restaurant together, and we order my beloved Beef with Black Bean Sauce, no peppers, only onions… I’ll use my¬†peripherals¬†and secretly make a mental tab of how much you take. Orr…. if I get a Cinnabon (or Cinnzeo, for those who feel me on the West), I’ll ignore that I see your greedy eyes and salivating mouth, hoping and praying to the Lord Jesus Christ/Buddah/Allah/Batman for me to offer you a bite. There are just some things we’re less willing to share, especially if we justify it with, “That’s my FAVORITE.” Does that make me a terrible Share-r? Does that make me that “selfish-ill-mannered-kid” who seems to be the hott topic among gossiping Titas? I like to share pretty much everything else… LOL. HOW BOUT YOU, Huh? What is it that you just are a bit more stingy about letting other people’s (grubby) fingers touch? What do you like to keep for you and only you?

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  1. pandaj said,

    02/01/2011 @ 1:05 am

    my swag

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