Mars Blackmon aka Spike Lee

Thanks to Che Kothari‘s facebook status looking for dates to come to this wonderful event tomorrow night with Spike Lee, I hollered some pretty valid reasons as to why I should be chosen to attend: 1. Film maker, film maker! 2. I dressed up as Mars Blackmon for Halloween one year, and 3. I used to rock a pair of Jordan Spizzikes. LOL.

I really didn’t think I’d get chosen, but hey, guess who’s going tomorrow?! Bwaaahhaha! In celebration of Black History Month, the Canadian Film Centre is sponsoring this close and personal talk with Spike Lee. SA-FREAKIN-WEET.

With all that being said… Here’s somethin’ to give you a laugh and a half:

[Char, Halloween circa 2008]

[I found my twin at Amnesia!]

I’ve spoken my piece.


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