Love knows no bounds.

From a place of nothing, we can create everything. From new chapter beginnings, we can continue to write the incredible stories that are our Lives. This is that real type ish, no sugar coating life or making you believe Santa Clause is still real. Inspiration is never constant, and so are those highs and thrilling moments. If you wanna take the joys that life brings, you must be willing to ride out the pains, because they’re as real as it’s gunna get. Welcome to the world of Adulthood, where things sometimes get more serious than you’d like, and your actions have real repercussions. Who will you choose to be? In every moment and every conscious decision you make, you have the opportunity to shape your character and define it. You are dynamic and capable of growth, change, and development. Never underestimate the┬ápossibility. Especially with Love. Because although I’m only 22 years young, I have found that being Courageous in choosing Love has only brought Love right back to me.

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace.

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