Char, you asleep?

No, actually, I’m quite awake, and working competently. Despite my slowed down activity in the virtual world, everything else seems to be moving at a constant speed of busy. I’m really taking in this new “6 course semester” sorta dealy, and have been taking it day by day to really organize myself. I have my heart set on doing well on the classes I’m paying for, and in return am letting my social life suffer a little bit. I haven’t been to any shows, any parties, any performances, or doing any shoots at all in the past couple of weeks. The constant downpour of snow and dry ice cold air punching my face is a real turn off from me leaving my house. It’s a good time to learn how to be “good” at school. Whatever that means.

Anyhow, some reading about the world of Advertising in Electronic Media needs to happen, as well as finally tackling the craziness that ensues on my desk. A clean work space is always necessary to productivity folks!

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace.

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