LAUGH at the Granby Mansion

[Beetle Jenn and Handlez]

An impromptu house jam at the Granby Mansion last weekend. My lovely compadre and super talented dancer Jesse Catibog seems to have this habit of attending various house parties, picking up random props that peaks his intrigue, and then making everyone pose with them in front of his camera. Here are the flicks of that night — such ill vibes!

[Troublez, Switch B, Handlez]

[Crisis and Kid Belo, reppin’ Calgary!!!]

[You know I got Bejewzled the Hooka!]


[Our beautiful child. Lucy Pearl.]

[Kitchen Party]

[Heather! Get Down from there!!!]


[Heather Leather]

[Knox and Justina]



[And the handsome photographer, himself. Jesse Catibog]

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

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