Lovehard presents: GREEN GODDESS SPA

[Catherine giving me a facial treatment]

Entering the gorgeous modern condo-turned-into-relaxation-haven, Angie and I were instantly hit with the aroma of delicious sweet and citrus ingredients. I looked around at the decor that hung on the walls and knew straight away that this was undeniably Catherine’s creative abode. Traditional Filipino quilts, and framed posters of Catherine’s plays displayed itself sharing her many talents in the arts — a traditional Filipino dancer, a playwright, writer, and now esthetician, Catherine embodies it all.

“So you want me to get naked or what?!?” I asked her, ready to strip off my clothes and get some sugary things scrubbed on my face. Changing into a towel and getting comfy on the massage table, Catherine began to work her magic on my 5 foot achey little body. As her hands ebbed like the tide, back and forth, applying pressure and releasing stresses, I asked her what got her to this point, to open up her own home spa.

As a beauty journalist visitings numerous spas and writing about her experiences, one thing seemed to be a constant disappointment for her — the use of unnatural products filled with¬†unidentifiable¬†chemicals. She really started to put things into perspective for me, how unsanitary it all seemed getting my feet soaked in unsterilized sinks shared by many a bunion, or these oils and scrubs used on my body that smell great but have additives that do god knows what. Catherine’s favorite line seems to be, “If you can’t eat it, then you shouldn’t put it on your body.” I couldn’t agree more, especially with the yogurt-kiwi mask on my face that made me want to sneak a lick or two.

I listened to Catherine as she explained all the ingredients she was using on my treatment, and why they were great for me and what they did. The facial had to be my most favorite part, especially considering I had never had one done before. I guess most of us never give emphasis to our face, and we should! It is the first impression people have of us… so to take care of it by exfoliating on a regular basis, having proper moisturizer, watching your diet and pumping in circulation makes a huge difference. I felt it! At the end of the treatment, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t even realize I didn’t have any make up on anymore because my skin was glowing and radiant! Inside and out.

I was definitely thoroughly impressed by my time with Catherine. It’s more than just going in for a “relaxing massage” and smoothing out those knots on my back… it really is about Catherine herself. I feel that her as a young woman who has a supernatural connection to understanding the body through touch is a gift that not every masseuse possesses.

My only regrets and complaints of my entire experience was that I a) forgot my bikini to take advantage of the steam room/sauna amenities and b) that Catherine didn’t let me eat the yogurt-kiwi mask!!

For a very limited time (and by that, I really mean 9 days) until December 25th, Catherine is offering a Christmas Special — $40 for an upper body massage, manicure and pedicure. Eeee!!! CRAZY deal!

Check out her website HERE for other services and price listing, as well as her contact information.

I hold my right hand over my heart and swear to you that you will not be disappointed with your time spent at the Green Goddess Spa. I know that I’ll definitely be making another visit (probably next week, lol) in the near future.

Many thanks to Angie Choi for coming along and snapping these pics, and thank you again, Catherine! You made me feel RADIANT!

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!


  1. Jennifer b. said,

    12/20/2010 @ 2:41 am

    Lady, this entry was super inspiring to me – thanks for sharing.

  2. jennifer said,

    12/20/2010 @ 2:49 am

    Lady– thanks for sharing this…. was very insiring for me and my little balancedbeaute biz.

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