Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

And then there are those moments when you wonder if you coulda done something, coulda said something, anything to change the present moment you’re in. You wonder if there existed a given timeframe in which that woulda worked, that coulda happened… And then your mind snaps back to actuality and you know it’s too late. Too much has happened. Too much has been said… The truth is, the answer would’ve been Yes. There always exists a time when choice is in the palm of your hands and what you want is attainable if you will it to be so. Like the series of moments that make up our lives, it is all too fleeting. If you are sleeping, time does what it does best — continue forward. Opportunities close ¬†for whatever reason be known to us, the flip side of that is… something else opens up. Something new begins. I guess that’s the only thing to look forward to when your angst and frustration creeps on you. Moments are constantly coming and going, embrace the good ones, and find comfort in the thought that the bad ones will soon end….

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