Midnight Mix: This Saturday!

A video I shot a little while back for Original Concepts/Roundtable Ent./REfrresh/SPMG. A party dedicated to a mash-up of style, music, and culture right here in Toronto. Shouts to Justin Borja for the wicked edit.

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[Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew]

Walking into the empty art gallery, I tried to cool off from my intense bike ride over to 99 Sudbury. A hot 23 degrees at the end of September was a nice contrast to the cold Toronto had been experiencing throughout the entire month. Lunch Breaks with Crazy Legs from the legendary Rock Steady Crew was on my agenda for that Friday afternoon, along with interviewing Jean Grae with the Manifesto Doc Team, and then the T.O. Meet NYC concert that night at the Great Hall.

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Masia One x Lovehard = JAMAAAIICAA!

[Masia One and me at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this past summer]

Bup bup bup bup bup!!!! ThisissostupiddumbridiculoussillyIcan’tevenbelievethissh*tactuallyhappenstomeinreallife?!

Allz I knowz Izzzesss… Thank GOD for Masia One.

Last Friday I was at College Street Bar for Heavy Rotation, and as the end of the night would have it, upon dispersing the bar stood many a drunk folk, playfully wrestling on benches, running across the street to Burrito Boys, and of course, cyphering in freestyle circles. I walked (stumbled) over to say whattup to homegirl Masia, emcee/singer/my fellow Asian fiiaahhh. After a brief conversation of, “Are you going to MANIFESTO Jamaica?” “No… I can’t afford it with my student lifestyle and budget.” Masia proposed a, “I need someone to document me. Wanna come?”

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I know, it’s taken me long enough to finally post something about MANIFESTO that happened all last week. If you have me on twitter/facebook, then I’m sure you’ve read the incessant blasts about all the events that went down during the week of. None of them were exaggerations — this year’s MANIFESTO was the best yet, and will only continue to get better every year. Believe you, me.

I’m trying to edit as many photos as I can to be able to post, so bare with me. I wasn’t able to get coverage of every single night (some nights I was filming for the DOC team, you’ll be able to see that footage through MANIFESTO TV soon enough.) It’s too much to explain every single night to you, so I’ll just keep it to the super highlights, starting with DAY 4, the MADE YOU LOOK massive art show.

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