C’est Alloween, C’essst Allloweeen!

[me and the ugliest person in the world, aka TFHOUSE.]

I friggin’ love Halloween. The way Toronto throws down is none like any other. People don’t shy away from dressing up, dressing down, or looking absofrigginlutely ridiculous; I love it!! Last night was the first of two Halloween celebrations I’ll be in attendance at this year, celebrating the birthday of my friend/extended family Josh Angeles. Let’s just say that when Char isn’t on the clock at these Toronto night timing events, I definitely like to let loose, kick off my heels (because lawd knows I hate wearing those┬ámonstrous things), and perhaps jump up on a table or two. Bwaaaahah. Shouts to Harold and Duane of Knocturnal & Hue for always takin’ care of me and throwin’ a wicked jam.

Here are a few flicks of the evening:

[John and his piss stain. HAAAAHAH]

[Kim and Tomo, old Get Outside fam!]

[CoolReds aka KUDI!! bwaaahaha]

[“So Teddy, I don’t get it, what are you?”]


[it’s a maaarrrio and me, gettin’ down on the dance flo]

[peacock princess and avatar lady]

[our attempts at a group shot. L-R, Tfhouse, Filipino Prince, Theo, Reeva, Me, Candice and John]

[The Granby Girls: Tater, Beetle Brit, and Beetle Jenn]

[You know what I call this? HOTT. SH*T.]

[amazing hair stylist!! REEVA!]

[Haaaahaha I JUST noticed Candice behind Beetle!]

[Reeva and the Birthday Boy! JOSH! Masked Prince]

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Tonight is BACK IN THE DAY: Fresh Prince of Belair edition. My outfit, wonderfully sponsored by Pretty Freedom, is a nice throwback to Ashley Banks/the Huxtable ladies. SEE ME TONIGHT!

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