A statement, no, a command, that was once given to me by a mentor of mine; it’s something I’ve passed down to people I’ve goal coached or led goal setting workshops for — “Go BALLS OUT with your vision for your life.” There is no shame but only pure and utter boldness to really think and dream that big. I have to remind myself this over and over again when I become afraid to think of what some would consider is the impossible.

I’ve been taking a business¬†entrepreneurship¬†class as my elective this semester, and let me tell you, it is blowing my braaaiins with inspiration of new ideas. I’ve expressed this in previous posts, my questioning of what this all really is, and the build up has led to this — What IS Lovehard? What will it become? Where does it have the potential to go? Who and what do I need in order to get there? This vision will become bigger than I can even imagine right now.

A business plan is well on it’s way to completion as the final product of this course. My hopes is that this business plan will outline the vision of Lovehard and will garner the support and involvement of inspired, self-motivated, stupid passionate, creative and innovative individuals who will be part of this collective. I’m just going to tell the Universe right now… this sh*t will be bananas.


I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

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