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[Still shots: MC Fubb at The Cypher]

This week has been stupid busy. I’m usually busy, but this is like one of those kinds of busy where I have scheduled every hour of the day. Between classes and homeworking, I’ve been gigging every single night since Wednesday. It’s amazing! I can’t be more thankful for all this work coming in. Keeeeppp itt commminnnnn’!

A quick re-cap:

Wednesday night I was at THE CYPHER. A monthly jam that started at the park and has moved into Augusta House. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in skill level, get on the mic and know that you’ll be well received. A very raw feel, it’s cool to see Toronto’s underground freestyle emcees cyphering, practicing, allowing themselves to make mistakes and really develop their skills. Alborz, aka Crossword MC, the same person who asked me to do the blog promotions for The Love Affair, hollered at me to do a promo video for the event with MC Fubb. A video shall be making it’s way to you very soon…

[filming in the alleyway… and totally missing out on a sick freestyle all because I forgot to turn on my mic… gah!]

[Crossword MC, word up!]

Thursday night I was off at Dazzling for Sake and Soul, thrown by Original Concepts with resident DJ BIG JACKS. Now… Whhhhyyy have I never been to this party before?! It’s not even a party-party. It’s… wow. I felt like I should come through sometime with a date, reserve a table, order some amazing Japanese fusion tapas, a cocktail of some sort or a glass of wine… and let Omar and his live band Chicken & Waffles soothe my soul. Live R&B and soul… ahhhhh it makes me wanna get up and sway a little! What a GREAT vibe. I was there to interview people for a promo video, completely separate, of a new party venture involving Original Concepts and Roundtable Ent. Stay tuned to see what that’s about…

[The beautiful Miss Karen… aka totaallly the epitome of a Filipina “artista”]

[Chicken and Waffles, only at Sake and Soul]

[Dapper Mr. Sharad from Freshly Educated Men]

[Andrew of Roundtable Ent.]

[holla at Miss Tina!]

[baaahha there you go! I promised you one day you’d be on lovehard! Mark Avila, everyone. Of Roundtable Ent.]

Friday I was working two gigs — one with the soon-to-be Barcelonas. A co-worker of mine who is getting married on 10.10.10. and has enlisted me to make some videos to be played during the wedding. As to not spoil the surprise of what these videos are about perchance someone attending the wedding will see this… just know that it’s going to be silly, silly, fun.

[The soon-to-be Barcelonas.]

The other gig I was working was taking photos at Wetbar for their Friday weekly called Bottoms Up — a night thrown by Marquee Media. Holy mother Asian Invasion. I kinda felt like I was back home in Vancouver again! Lol. Nice to connect with my fellow shawtees who get drunk off two beers like me. Baaaahaha. A packed crowd, but receptive to my paparazzi shots nonetheless. Plus free drink tickets, how can I ever go wrong on the job?

[ryerson in the building!]

[who says I cant take a shot on the job? LOL]

For all the pics from Friday night at Bottoms Up, check out Marquee Media’s gallery HERE.

Saturday was a last minute gig to shoot a boat cruise party for some post-grad students from Mc Masters, U of T, York, etc… I have never been on a boat cruise party before and man… it was HELLA fun. Now I get this whole craze about these freaking boat cruise parties! I honestly wish that I went on some during this summer. I realized the difference between me and a lot of these party filmers/photographers (other than the fact that I’m short, which poses as a huge disadvantage sometimes) is that I’m actually engaged in the party. Heck, who am I kidding? I party WITH the partyers! Everyone was AWESOME on this boat. “CAMERA GIRL!!! Dance with us!!” “CAMERA GIRL is double fisting!!! Niiiice!! Dance with us!!!” Baaaaahahha. I’m dancing UNDER the moonlight, with the skyline of downtown Toronto, holding two drinks, my camera around my neck, and laughing my ass off at how awesome all these post-grad students are. Incredible.

[gettin’ ready to board the boat]

[walk the red carpet]


[live bongo drumming!!! sooo awesome.]

[and yes… camera girl has time to dance.]

Today was also hectic. Working on Friday night’s photos along with a long Manifesto de-brief meeting with the core team for what’s to come STARTING TOMORRRROOWWWW!!!! YO. DUDE. GUY. BRO. MAN. Tomorrow it commences. 7 days. I honestly am so excited I want to run into the convenience store and karate chop every chocolate bar they own. EEEEEEEEE. If you’ve been sleeping on this or don’t have a FREAKING CLUE what’s going on… get yourself educated now and I’ll pretend I didn’t know you were so ignorant. Manifesto is making crazy movements, and after THIS year’s festival, Toronto will know what’s up. We’re only on year 4, folks…. if it’s this big now… I can’t even imagine what another 4 years from now will look like. People are flying in from Jamaica, Columbia, New York… and my vision is for CANADIANS to fly in every year for this festival. Bananas.

[Check out all festival events HERE.]

Alright. I’m going to do some homework before I hit the sack…. thanks for tuning in and making sure I’m alive, Lol.

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

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