untitled thought #28

— if one is wondering whether my existence on the webernet still lives… the answer is Yes, bien sur, I am here…. Now, a marinated steak with sauteed mushrooms is in order, and then and only then will I begin to tell you of my journey to the west over the past weekend… Stay tuned.


untitled thought #27

— on another note, who’s up for some Vancouver tomorrow? *point to self* *nods her head* *smirks with arrogance* *looks ya hard with her right eye* *taps her chest with the index finger* *winks at ya* *mouths the words* “…. ME.”


We on award tour…

Tomorrow night: depart Toronto
Midnight: arrive in Vancity
Suuuuup, hometown. Let’s get it iiiiinnnnn.

— insert 5 hours of the best things you can do in the middle of the night in Vancity. Empire Thursdays at Barcelona with all my friends and DJ Seko/DJ Hustle? Check. Night swims at the beach with the mountains and the downtown skyline as our background? Check. Some sort of late night after hours asian eateries? Check.

Friday insanely early morning: depart Vancity
Friday morning: arrive in LA LA LAND.
Suuuuup, Aminah.
Friday all day: Beach… BEAAAACH... MORE BEACH! AND JUST BEACH! Screw you, Hollywood, screw you Beverly Hills, screw you downtown LA, screw you and all your plastic and lights and shopping I detest and can’t afford… ALL. I. WANT. IS. BEACH.

Saturday ALL DAY: ROCK. THE. BELLS. Snoop. Lauryn. Tribe. Wiz. Wu. KRS. Rakim. Slick. Premier. Just to name a few. TAH!!!

Sunday: I only want MORE BEACH.
Sunday evening: depart LA LA LAND
Sunday late evening: arrive Vancity

— insert amazing delicious incredible and crazy deprived of FILIPINO FOOD made by the hands of the woman who bore me. LORO FAM JAM + GRANBY GIRLS + JIM JAM = T.O. Familia + Vancity Familia
— quite possibly some more action AT THE BEACH, Locarno? Jericho? Night swims? Bonfires? Check. Check. CHECK!!

Extremely early Monday morning: depart Vancity
Monday afternoon: arrive home, Toronto….

= Crazy. AWESOME. Weekend.

Stay tuned….

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untitled thought #26

— and so I put forth only the most profound and positive energy into the world, an energy giving only love, healing, empowerment, and hope. The only struggle anyone ever truly has is the one with their incessant, chattering, and fearful mind. Overcome, overcome, overcome. It all begins with your state of Mind. Today, project love, because love always comes full circle.



AZ makes it WETASTIC

This has been a crazy event-packed weekend, but out of all the jams I had lined up, the AZ anniversary was definitely on my much-anticipated list. I’ve heard these guys talk about this celebration ever since I first met them all and it was pretty exciting to see all their hard work and planning finally unfold. I’m not exactly sure who coined the word “wetastic”, but I promise you it is totally not an over-statement. Just stepping into the vicinity of anywhere these guys are dancing, even just for thirty seconds, and you’re… wet. Hahaha. Terrible joke. (But actually preeeettty accurate all at the same time. Lol.)

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Blast from the Past: High School Graduation

Oh man. I’m laughing to myself right now! So… I’m starting to go through all my old blog posts from my former host and copying and pasting all the original posts onto Microsoft Word. I want to work on a special project with these, and after reading some of these posts… seriously.. it actually makes me DIE of laughter reading how I used to write… These words came from such a naive and young Char, a completely different state of being. Some things I read and think to myself, “Uhhh.. REALLY?! LOL.” And other things I look at and I think, “Wow… some things never change.” I still write like what I’m feeling is epic… Everything is always epic. HAhaha.

With all that being said, I think I want to start pulling some of these posts randomly to share. Have a glimpse as to who I used to be and what I used to think. It’s somewhat embarrassing, but all the while amusing. Heck, I have nothing to lose:

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Wow, Thank You

Do you know what boundless gratitude feels like? When you feel so blessed beyond measure that you’re humbled to your knees? Do you know what it feels like to put your whole heart out there, without a care in the world, a means of self expression… a way of releasing what’s inside you with courage?  Do you know what it feels like to see response? If you said yes, you are doing something right.

I never really thought of what I’ve been doing for years, this whole blogging thing, would actually become something so much more meaningful to me. At thirteen years old, everyone was making crossovers from asian avenue onto some online journal called Xanga. I jumped on this tip, not really understanding the point of writing my day’s events on cyber space for any random reader who cared to give it a gander. I guess this is where I learned how to write… I’ve never been happy about essays. In fact, I hate formalities and policies with a passion. There is no room for self expression.

And so I started to write… hah, almost every day. I actually have consistent documentation of all of this. I guess this is where my obsession began… the thought of my future generations having access into understanding who I once was, what the world was like at the time I existed, find relatability to my stories, find answers, growth, inspiration, a new perception… this is my legacy.

I never thought about it this way… this is my artistry. I express what I see, how I feel, what I think about the amazing people I’ve met, places I’ve seen, things I’ve experienced. Don’t you see? You all inspire me. Just the way you are. I learn from you and I learn from the words that come out of my mouth when I speak about you.

I have never had so much affirmation come my way in my life than I have these past couple of weeks. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am ecstatic about the response that lovehard is being given. Please know that I hang onto all that you were confident enough to express to me… sometimes we all forget to affirm in each other the things that make us amazing. We need to keep doing this for each other. We need to keep building up each other. And most importantly, we need to be open to receive, and open to transfer that energy to spur us onward. Let’s empower each other. I believe in this.

A bigger dream… it’s cooking.

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Limitless Power

Young hearts,
Broken and misused
Shattered and abused
Old hearts
Forgotten love
Desensitized and hardened
New hearts
Untouched and unscathed
Fresh and whole


It begins with your mind
It begins with your sight
It begins with your soul

Believe in the best
Don’t assume the worst
Don’t take it personally

We all just project our own pain
We all just inflict our own self-hurt
And that’s all we get
All we get in return

Project then, love
Exude boundless energy
Release it
Believe it
Feel it
And it will come back
Love always comes full circle

So no matter your pain
No matter your hurt
No matter the misunderstandings

Project love because love always comes full circle


TFHouse is on his way

[insert the char high-pitched squeal with tongue sticking out and eyes buggin HERE]

Teddy F House is on his way, folks, onto a path of self-discovery, success defined by his own terms, and an exploration of his art form. I love this human with so much of my heart and soul that every time I see his face, I want to bite his arm off and throw him into a den of five million Lucy Pearls (my crazy kitten) biting his skinny ankles. Teddy is just that type of guy who you vibe and click with instantly. I have shared TOO MANY laughs and great epic moments of conversation with him in the Granby Mansion. He is my family. Heck, he’s even been to Vancouver (without me) and stayed at my mother’s house and chilled with my brothers… he is tied to me for life. He and the rest of GMMF (Genius Money Making Fools, aka, my family) we all drive each other and inspire each other and push each other to pursue our dreams… the energy that comes out of each of us individually is amazing in itself… then you put that all together, it’s freaking super nova!!!

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Lovehard presents: Beetle Jenn

I’d like to officially introduce you to Miss Beetle Jenn, my other counterpart, sister, soul mate, room mate, best friend, wing man fo lyyyfe. If you saw my post last Thursday officially inducting Beetle Brit as a contributor for Lovehard, I made mention of Jenn having her turn up to bat this week. I love Beetle Jenn’s artistry because there is so much potential for development and mastering her craft, just from sharing her heart to the world. Her raw ability to write with conviction, write with truth, and find resolve, peace, understanding through her own scribblings on a page is something that I respect so much. It’s difficult for people to truly articulate their emotions, express themselves, just through words. That’s why so many different kinds of artists exist… we find every medium possible to free ourselves… And in that way, the simplicity of our native tongue and formulating sentences, intonation, emphasis and choosing that one word out of a kajillion in the dictionary to describe our feelings and thoughts, is an art form in itself. This is something that Jenn does so extremely well, and you’d know this if you’ve ever had a conversation with her. Passion reigns through her voice.

With all that being said, Beetle Jenn will contribute a piece from her personal journal of writings, every other week. This is a big deal for her as it was a big deal for Brit to share her raw experiments with film, because it’s… putting your whole heart out there. =) I LOVE IT!!!

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