The Love Affair: Made Wade

I stepped off the bus and found myself in a completely unfamiliar area. I never venture off to the west, so to find myself on Dundas West and Runnymede felt like it had been a journey and a half to get there. Taking the wrong bus, I picked up my phone and dialed Wade’s number to confirm the exact location we were meeting. After another bus westward, I ended up on this street corner where a locally owned Shawarma pita joint was situated.

“Heey, oh hold on a second, yeah, I see you.” Said a soothing rhythmic voice over the phone. Sure enough, from an alleyway behind Mr. Pita emerged a half-smiling Wade, with piercing and intriguing eyes, modestly clad in a loose fitted cotton Tee and shorts.

“Hey! I’m Char, nice to meet you.” I said to him with a genuine smile. We walked into the Shawarma joint to scoop up some dinner, a very familiar spot where Wade must’ve had many a meals in replacement of his lack-of cooking skills. I grabbed a chicken pita whilst Wade exchanged conversation with the server, and then we went outside to the parking lot to stoop up on the curb and cool out.

Prior to this meeting, I had never heard of Made Wade, nor his music. What began as casual conversing quickly evolved into in-depth talks about life, music, meaning, and his artistry. Originally from London, Ontario, Wade made his way to Toronto three years ago to pursue music, to be in Toronto’s scene and to live his own life in the city. The natural cadence that flowed from his lips was the first thing I caught onto upon our meeting. He spoke with a rhythmic flow that had me captured. I enjoyed listening to him talk. He had a lot to say, and it wasn’t all lip service either. Twenty-three years old, having won several spoken word contests and writing music as a clever lyrical emcee, Wade’s words are conscious and controversial. He definitely has an opinion and is bold and courageous to share it through his music and poetry. I highly respect that.

“Here, listen to this track.” Wade said as he hooked my headphone cord into his brand new iPhone. We sat there on a curb in this nearly empty parking lot, watching the people walk by and the cars lingering at the stop light. I bobbed my head as I listened more and more intently to his words. He was good… really good.

Made Wade is one of six performers for a hip hop showcase coming up next week called The Love Affair. In the past two weeks I’ve been meeting up with each of the artists that will be performing at The Love Affair, hanging out and getting to know each one of them on a more personal level. It’s pretty wicked considering for the most part, I have never heard any of their music before meeting any of them… so to get to know them as a person first and understand where their lyrics, sound and soul are deep rooted and come from, is even more inspiring.

Here’s a lil suh’in suh’in to give you a taste of who Made Wade is — raw, uncut and all in one take. Stay tuned for more of these posts and takeaway shows… The Love Affair is promised to be a pretty wicked line up of incredibly amazing underground Toronto artists…

The Love Affair: MADE WADE from Char Loro on Vimeo.

For facebook event page for THE LOVE AFFAIR, click HERE.

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  1. Jesse Oh! said,

    08/26/2010 @ 3:31 am

    Char, great piece! I’ll be at the show for sure – did you do the Ron D interview yet?

    I gotta scan the rest of the blog to see who’s been spoken to, but definitely a great way to get some relatively new faces great exposure on the multi-media tip :o)


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