Oh man. Exhaustion to the tenth power. It’s funny when you travel, especially over a weekend, sometimes it feels like soooo much time has passed only because you’ve done A LOT in such a short amount of time. In the last 4 days I’ve ridden on 4 planes, 4 trains, 4 busses and two cars… Woow.

After leaving Toronto late on Thursday evening, we endured a restless 5 hour plane ride to Vancouver and landed a little past midnight. My breast friend Amie was there to greet us and bring us to my cousin’s spot downtown right by English Bay. It was almost 1 am by the time Amie and I rolled through to Barcelona for Empire Thursdays where DJ Seko and DJ Hustle were spinning. Granville Street has changed so much since I’ve left! I really love how it’s turned into the party and entertainment strip in Vancity, the clubs are lookin’ real fresh. My beautiful peoples were obviously there; mad love to Airz, Jonathan, Kristine, Neil, Richie McFly, Jade, Junel, Mikey.

[Kristine, Neil, Me, Airz, Jonathan]

I made a stop over to Jo Rich’s to say whattup to Mike (manager of the Boombox Saints) who runs Thursday nights there. By the time Amie and I peaced, we were feelin’ good, feelin’ great. Numero Uno pizza on the menu! Hollaaaaa. Back to my cuzzo’s crib while I cooled out with Mysterio aka Sweezy until we all had to leave for YVR for our flight to LA.

[jm’s attempt to keep warm… lol.]

[Miss Beetle Jenn waiting for the Sky Train on the new Canada line]

[eaarllyyy in the morrrninnnnn]

[holla holla at some west jet ballahhss!]

A 2.45 hour flight and we finally landed in LAX. The Granby Girls, Jim Jam and I were all in pissy moods from the lack of sleep, jet lag and long commutes. All we wanted to do was check into our hotel. The bickering was incessant, but so necessary to any family trip. After dropping off our stuff and freshening up, we wandered around downtown LA and came across Olvera Street, a historic Mexican little villa right by Union Station.

BEEF TAQUITOES IN AVOCADO SAUCE and BEANS AND CHEESE. Oooooooohhhh laaaaa laaa weee weeeee.

[crunchy taquitoessss]

[Union Station, downtown LA]

[Beetle Brit, strut it girrrrrrrrrl!]

[this place is in soooooo many movies!]

After grubbing, we hopped on a bus to Santa Monica which took an hour of us freezing our asses off in crazy ice box air conditioning. Santa Monica wasn’t any better — it was COLD! What!! Cooling out on the beach, literally, was a definite highlight, along with strollin’ the infamous pier and riding the ferris wheel with Beetle Brit. The view was fantassssttiiiccc! I absolutely love ferris wheels — they are so sketchy and make me fear my life but are soooooo wicked all at the same time. We also perused the main shopping boulevard in search for sweaters and pants to warm our freezing bodies. By the time we got to the bus stop to catch the express back to downtown LA, we found out we missed the last bus and had to take the local…

[Spotted: Lovehard CALI]

[Hmmm… I wonder who’s monstie that is?]

2 hours on the ghetto bus. [insert unimpressed face here] The only thing that relieved me was chatting with this little 15 year old sweetheart named Star sitting next to me whilst we chopped it over water polo, skateboarding to Anaheim, and her future plans for university. That was one thing we all definitely noticed on this entire trip — California swag is on POINT. People are chilled out, cooled out, dressed casual yet stylish, and are the easiest people to talk to. A nice contrast to the screwface capital.

The end of DAY 1 wasn’t that memorable… a subway sandwich? A second shower? Crashing on the most comfortable pillow… The extra sleep was much needed for the next day ahead of us… Rock the Bells, here we come.

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