dancing bafoonery

It appears as though lately I’ve been doing a lot of dancing bafoonery on film, and hey… it’s the funnest thing to do on camera… especially on Yonge Street whilst many passersby watch my friends and I make fools of ourselves. Bwaaahahah. A video for A Story Told Well in collaboration with my former employment (The Lu), you most likely (unless you work for the company) will not see the final edited piece. So for now, enjoy a few behind-the-scene flicks taken by the wonderful Lenny Len.

[Miss Lauren]

[Miss Beetle Jenn]

Twas seriously a very silly shoot and I had such a sweaty good time dancing for an hour filming it. Many thanks to Derrick (my mom, mentor, dear friend and inspiration of my life), as well as to Jenn and Lauren for also starring in this video! Oh! And can’t forget Sinthuja’s cameo!!! =D

C’est fini!

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