Pretty Freedom style sesh

Among all the crazy birthday preparations I was making last week, this was by far one of the most funnest. Pretty Freedom in Kensington Market is one of the hippest and coolest vintage stores most recently opened up on Augusta Ave. Jodee and Helena, both ex-corporate retail district managers, put their creative master minds together and manifested THIS! Pretty Freedom! I absolutely ADORE this boutique. It stands apart from other vintage stores in Kensington in that they 1. are not over-priced, 2. have great merchandising and inventory (says the girl who also worked in corporate retail management)  3. are ALWAYS cookin’ up new ideas to improve and 4. are so authentic! Walk in there and see what I mean: everything feels like they’ve had their own personal love sesh with Helena and Jodee. Intricate to detail and a whole lotta care for it, it’s evident in everything from their high-waisted mum-bum selection of shorts this summer as well as low-cut loose beaters for the boys! I LOVE PRETTY FREEDOM. And have plans for collaborations in the future 😉

Check out this video of our style session together to choose my party outfit they sponsored for me! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

Pretty Freedom from Char Loro on Vimeo.

Pretty Freedom from Char Loro on Vimeo.

I’ve spoken my piece.


play hard, party hard, lovehard.

[genius money making fools: L-R — tfhouse, beetle brit, cool red, beetle jenn and me, tater;) ]

As promised, photos from last weekend! This was THE BEST birthday I’ve had thus far… and I’ve only experienced 22 years of life! Are you kididng me?!? Shout outs to Kate Killet for being my personal photographer of the night. She really captured the emotion of all the people in my posse that night… Thank you again for your photography brilliance (yeah… no big deal… Kate has just been taking photos for Much Music since she was like, 15 and now also shoots for MTV. Like, whatever, right? LOL. Someone hire this girl!)

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It’s allll the waayy LIIIIIVEEEE

It’s all the way live!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE &*(@#&%@)P!!!!&*(#%&@ WHHAAAAAAAATTTT THEEEEEEEE. I have been planning this for a minute and a half now and what was supposed to be a month’s time to compose this took only a WEEK thanks to the incredible super hero of a web designer also known as Marco of Committee-Design. The man is SICK wid it.

To make a long story short, I approached Marco about the re-design of my blog and the branding of lovehard when crap hit the fan last weekend. Within hours I was already receiving sample templates in my inbox and before I knew it… he created something far better than what I could have dreamt up myself. I’m SOOOOOOO APPRECIATIVE of this human being and admire his work ethic, diligence and best of all… PASSION to do what he does best. Unreal. I told you, Marco… I’d sacrifice my first kitten on an alter for you!!! Lol.

There are some big tings a gwannin’ in the gigantor brain of mine. Please stay tuned, RSS feed this bihnazz and continue to love what you’ve loved here on this blog. We’re on the tipping point of something big folks, I feel it! Let it RAINNN!!!!

Feel free to post your feedback, lemme know what you think and if there are any glitches we need to fix or things we gotta improve! I’m totally open to hearing all your ideas.

I’ve spoken my piece.



There’s this burning in me that I can’t explain. It’s rising up so fast and so strongly that I can actually feel it in my chest. If there is something I passionately dislike, it is mediocrity. That one word, that noun, that action, is something that is so incredibly infuriating to me. I don’t think you realize… there is a potential, a spark, in every single individual to be extraordinary. It is a CHOICE that you can make, and only you can make. To choose to be extraordinary means to rise up from what you believe your limitations are. To choose to be extraordinary means to let go of your ego, your pride, your walls and your front and humbly take ownership of your faults and your wrongdoings. It’s about being responsible for your actions. It means separating yourself from taking anything personally. It means DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT and not sitting on excuses or old ways of thinking. To choose to be extraordinary is allowing freedom to reign in your mind and living out liberation.


Be extraordinary because you can. No matter what anyone has told you in the past, and no matter how much you’re afraid to. Do not fear your ability for greatness. I swear to God… it is in You.

Beauty sees beauty.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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Untitled thought #19

— It’s exactly how everyone said it would be, life just happens so naturally..


Much to my disappointment…

This is an official announcement to those who are wondering the whereabouts of As you know from a few previous posts… was supposed to launch as of Saturday — thus the Official Blog Launch party along with my birthday celebration. Unfortunately due to technological difficulties (what the heck does that all mean, ANYhow, lol), in one way or another… it just didn’t happen. Quite disappointing, really, buuuut not enough for it to ruin my Saturday night. Please stay posted with what’s to come for the updated site. It will be even better than what I know I was hoping for…

Love and love.

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[beetle jenn, tater, and beetle brit aka The Granby Girls]

I’m horrendously irritated with wordpress at the given moment. It just froze on me leaving me with an empty text box which was once filled with five million shout outs and a re-cap of Saturday night’s events. Do I have the energy or the time to re-iterate what I said? 249012jkfldaqt02 jtdslaflksaj That means NO.

I will tell you this, though.


I had the BEST birthday Celebration of my life. Ever EVER EVERRRRR. !! GRAHHH!! From the pre-party at my crib, to the fat cake, too many drinks and dancing the night away…. everything was better than I could ever hope for. I could cry just thinking about all the love in the room. The pics should be done by tomorrow by my lovely photographer of the evening, Miss Kate Killet. I think at that point I shall leave you with some eye candy and be on my way. I am too exhausted.

[Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest/Lucy Pearl]

[my HOT HOT HOT Zebra printed romper sponsored by Pretty Freedom and necklearrings designed especially for this night by Balanced Beauté]

Again… thank you to everyone who reached on Saturday, who sponsored, texted me, called me, showed me love in spirit or in face value… I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, real talks.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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Gunna make this a night to remember…

I feel like I’m constantly learning something new about what it means to lovehard. I’ve expressed in the previous post what I believed was the coming of a new movement, a new way of thinking in which love with the highest degree of passion is the only way to live a life without mediocrity. I realized the other side of that coin, that it takes a bit more than just loving to the fullest potential — it takes courageous generosity. I say “Courageous” because it’s scary to invest your love in someone or something when you’re unsure of it being received the way you want it to, when you’re uncertain of the future, when you’re afraid of no reciprocation. That’s when you decide right then and there that that’s not going to be your priority. You must. Courageous generosity is selflessness.

I learned that yesterday, and it was one of the most humbling moments I’ve experienced in a long time. This is what it means to Love Courageously, Lovehard.

Tonight is a big night, maybe not to you, but it is to me. So what? These moments in life are meant to be celebrated. I feel ready and in the right mind set to let all previous stresses out the door, and to really soak it in. =)


With ALL that being said…. I think I’m going to let you sneak peak on some GIVVEEAWAYYYSSS!!!

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Spread Love, it’s the Brooklyn way…

Finally! A minute to tell you about my Brooklyn trip! *Siiiighhhhhhh* BK WAS SIIIIIICK. Three days of CONSTANT walking, heat, stickiness, CRAZY MUSIC, and amazing people. I can’t lie though, it was exhausting! I’m stiiiilll paying for it.

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My lawd.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a hectic day it’s been. I can’t believe I’ve been so late to blog about it, but if you have me as a friend on facebook or follow me on twitter, then surely what I’m about to share is old news. As you may or may not have heard, this Saturday, July 17th not only marks the July edition of the Main Ingredient party featuring special guest DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest/Lucy Pearl… but it will also be my B-Day Bash and Official lovehard blog launch.

What does this all mean?!?

Come Saturday, not only will you witness a re-designed and re-vamped, but it will also be the home to…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?!?! What the heck IS lovehard?!?

It’s not just the name I use to represent myself in my videos [lovehard productions], but it’s my mantra, it’s the word that best represents me, who and what I’m about. Lovehard is a choice — a movement. The ideal that there is no point in doing anything in the name of mediocrity. To do so defeats the beauty and thrill in life. Passion is my flavor and hustle is my essence. Why just care when you can care hard? Why just love when you can love hard?

It don’t matter what you do if you don’t lovehard.

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