Mickey D’s and Cornhusks

Mickey D’s and Cornhusks are the first thing I think of when I hear Rich Kidd’s name. He’s been mentioned in previous posts before [here and here] and if you live in Toronto and still have never heard of him… I seriously wonder what you do with your life. 23 years old and working as a full time producer, Ritchie inspires me in more ways than he knows.

We chopped it up over the phone yesterday while he caught me during a very emotional moment (it’s kinda sorta been an emo week) and just hearing him talk in his Toronto slang (that I am still becoming accustomed to) is enough to make me crack a smile or two. I just love Ritchie. He is genuine and passionate in his hustle, and every conversation that we’ve had, he has in some way said something that has pushed me to think outside of my own Char-box. It surprises me every time just thinking about how someone who is so accomplished, famous and on the way to complete stardom… can be the most humble and down-to-earth individual. It makes me look at others who I’ve come across and rubbed me in a strange way and I think to myself, “What exactly do you do that you think you’re too cool to brush me off like that?” I look at Ritchie and realize he is a rare gem. It is because of this wonderful quality of being so personal with each human he comes across that he is without a doubt on an unstoppable path towards success… and a whole lotta taking Char out for incredible dinners ( .. or Mickey D meals… I’ll take what I can get! Lol.)

Tonight is the EP release party of “We On Some Rich Kid Shiiit Vol. 4”. We have Volumes 1-3 at the Granby Household that we’ve gone through on our stereo and I’m mad stoked to add the 4th volume to our collection.

I don’t think you understand the hype of tonight’s concert. The line up of performers is stupid ridiculous…  It hasn’t been advertised anywhere who will be there so I’m not quite sure if I can say anything to you guys here. I’ll just build the suspense of it all and tell you to just reach!!! TRUST ME… I want to throw my mouse across this room at the thought of what goes down… what could also possibly go down… (EEEEEEEEE!!) tonighhhtt!

All event info you can find on the facebook page HERE.

We’re proud of you, Rich.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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