I just want to emote.

Heart: “You know… sometimes, I really wish I wasn’t stuck with you.”
Mind: “STUCK with me?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
Heart: “I can’t… freaking… separate myself from you. You. You’re always around, always yapping. Yap yap yap yap YAP. Always telling me to be sensible, be reasonable, stop being so over emotional–“
Mind: “Yeah, because you do stupid things when you’re emotional–”
Mind: “HEY! Don’t get me started on listing off the things I’ve done to stop you from doing some really, really, dumb things–”
Heart: “and VICE VERSA, you piece of sh*t!”
Mind: “Trust me. I know these things. I have the foresight to know that we’re doing the best thing possible.”
Heart: “Ugghhhhh youuuuu annnoyyyy meeeeeeee.”
Mind: “You really wanna do what you want? You will come running back to me. I guarantee it.”
Heart: “You treat me like I’m your stupid little sibling sometimes. Like I don’t know anything.”
Mind: “Uhhh, that’s because you don’t know how to know. You only feel.”

Mind: “… Woooowwww.”
Heart: “Why do you impose that we always have to do the sensible thing? We always have to be realistic? Are you happy? I’m not happy.”
Mind: “But your feeling of ‘happy’ is fleeting. It’s temporary. And so is your feeling of anger towards me right now.”
Heart: “… Sure.”
Mind: “Can we come to some mutual ground already? You know already that this, you and me, it’s a relationship, an unbeatable force when we’re aligned. There are times you put me in my place, tell me to trust your instinct despite what the logistics say. This is one of those times, when I am putting YOU in YOUR place. We are simply destined for something else.”
Heart: “… Heeey… that’s what I always say to You.”
Mind: “Yup, and now I’m using your own sh*t against you. Suck on that.”
Heart: “Ha. You’re lucky I dont have arms to punch you.”
Mind: “Pfffbt, please. YOU’RE lucky I’m not a Jedi or else I’d Jedi mind trick ya.”
Heart: “… that was a TERRIBLE joke.”
Mind: “Bwaaahaha. Whatever. You feel better? Well, ya will. Now beat it, will ya?”
Heart: “Haha. If I stopped, I’d be dead.”
Mind: “… And you say I have terrible humor…”

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