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Finally! A minute to tell you about my Brooklyn trip! *Siiiighhhhhhh* BK WAS SIIIIIICK. Three days of CONSTANT walking, heat, stickiness, CRAZY MUSIC, and amazing people. I can’t lie though, it was exhausting! I’m stiiiilll paying for it.

For those of you who’ve just tuned in, I rolled through to BK over the weekend with 50+ Torontonians ready to make a killing in NYC. We left the Manifesto studio parking lot around 2am early Friday morning and embarked on the longest 16 hour bus ride of my LIFE. Traffic, bus AC breakdowns, a lot of stop overs and getting lost in Brooklyn was the early beginnings of our trip. Friday night was the Brooklyn Meet Toronto concert at South Paw on 5th and by the time we checked into the Sheraton, the T.O. artists performing had already missed their sound check. After a quick shower and change, our crew rolled out and hopped onto the subway towards South Paw.

[Masia One]

[Rich Kidd]

[Junia T. Playa]

[Rich Kidd, Tona, Blake Carrington]

I’m sorry to say this, Brooklyn, but T.O. KILLLEEDDDDD IT!! Masia One, Junia T., Tona, Blake Carrington, Shad and Rich Kidd repped it so hard. What I really appreciated was that our line up was so diverse and really showcased the different styles and flavors of Toronto. I know all of us in that room couldn’t have been more proud.

Saturday was a late start. Those beds were just MAD comfy. I got up, Giles scooped me and we strolled down Fulton Mall (which I feel is like a black people’s Chinatown, hahaha. Seriously! Instead of coconut buns and weiner croissants, they’ve got fried chicken and corn bread. Instead of cheapie luggages and women’s hong kong fashion imports, they’ve got discounted/wholesale silver/gold chains, pendants and some reaaaaaaalll curvacious, bootylicious scantily clad mannequins. Buaahaha!) Being the caffeine addicts that we are, Giles and I were in desperate search for QUALITY coffee. After walking probably 6 blocks down Fulton, we came across a darling bagel joint with FRESH LOX SPREAD (smoked salmon is my weakness) and some pretty good iced coffee (another one of my favorites).

[sir Giles Monette]

After breakfast I hopped on the bus with the Manifesto doc team to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival… which was RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE!!! ILL!!! I inched my way front row and center of the main stage. Despite the mid-day steamy downpour of rain, the festival was too much ridiculousness. TONS of performances, Dilla tributes, Guru tributes, West Coast in the houuussee with Fashawn from Fresno, Cali… Pete Rock and CL Smooth reunion, DJ J Period’s live mixtape which included surprise appearances on stage by DRES of Black Sheep, DJ Premier, Nice & Smooth… dang, who else am I missing? And then OBVIOUSLY… DE LA SOUL!!!!!! They were in T.O. not too long ago, but this 5 foot shawtee could NOT see a TING! I could see them all in plain and perfect view on Saturday, DJ Maseo crazy cackles and all. Dinner at Juniors for P Diddy endorsed cheesecake (MUST go back and try it again! a WHOLE PIECE this time!), and then the BK HIP HOP FESTIVAL AFTER PAAARTTTAAAYYYY!!

[Nice & Smooth is funnnkkyyy]

[De La, De La, Deeee LAAAAA]

Sunday was our last full day in Brooklyn. The Okay Africa concert with headliner The Roots along with Talib Kweli was what was on deck for us that afternoon. Jennie and I decided to join Jerisse, Liez, Jerome and Progress to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market…. I LOOOOOOOOOVEEE!!! So many goodies!! I scooped up a vintage re-worked romper (formally a skirt!) as well as this belly-halter ting that was made from a skirt hem. The girl who designs and reworks these pieces is VERY talented and I loved chatting with her. After leaving the Flea market, Jennie and I checked out Atlantic mall for some goodies and then ran into the Manifesto doc team doing street interviews with BK locals. We tagged along with them to Prospect Park for the Okay Africa concert while they stopped in various places along the way to interview Rich Kidd.

[Brooklyn Flea Market]

[Manifesto doc team street interviews]

How was the concert? I can’t tell you much… it was SO hectic, packed to the end of the fence, so much that people were hopping it because they stopped allowing admittance. I didn’t want to bother and by that point in the trip I was so exhausted of huge crowds (5 feet tall, I get claustrophobic) that all I wanted to do was chill. I’d much rather pay money and see The Roots from a comfortable and enjoyable stance. I decided to walk down Prospect Park strip to see the cute restos and cafes, then headed back in time for the concert’s end. I sort of regretted venturing off on my own because upon my return I could tell that everyone had soaked up the energy given off from the concert. As people were exiting the fenced off concert area, our T.O. peoples started breaking out in freestyle circles and dancing on the pathways. It was KNOWN that T.O. was in the houuussseee and the north has talent. SO MUCH LOVE!

The bus ride home was much quicker than on our way there. THANK THE LORD. I was happy to be back in Toronto.

For more flicks of our time in BK, Check DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3 flickr albums there. HOLLLAAAA!

I’ve spoken my piece.



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    Love it ! char well done. would love to see more pics…. xo

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    […] I think of when I hear Rich Kidd’s name. He’s been mentioned in previous posts before [here and here] and if you live in Toronto and still have never heard of him… I seriously wonder […]

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