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The vibe of the city right now feels insane. It’s not even that I don’t feel safe. I feel fine and am glad that I have spent a good arms reach away from the chaos that is G20. When I had heard about this conference coming into Toronto, I didn’t think anything of it. The idea of 20 leaders of the world’s most powerful countries actually here in one city, did not really sink in until yesterday. This billion dollar security budget? Obama has taken over the entire Fairmont Royal York with a posse of 1500?  Fake lake Muskoka remake?

I’ve been watching the news, reading the tweets, following up on online articles and the stories aggravate me. It’s the SAME sh*t. Black Bloc, Black Bloc, freakin’ anarchists. Another police car on fire, another bank vandalized, another corporate commercial store or restaurant broken into, MORE riot police on the way, louder helicopters…. it juuusttt won’tttt stooopppppppp.

[photo c/o The Torontoist]

[photo c/o BlogTO]

The funny thing is, all of this has literally been happening down the block from my house. I’ve heard helicopters for more than 24 hours straight. I can hear the rioting from my window. One of the bigger protests took place just blocks from me. Toronto doesn’t feel like Toronto right now.

And it doesn’t help that the media is blowing this thing up to be the spectacle of the century. (It kinda really is… but man…) They’re like the freakin’ gossip girls in high school — they give you the drama, not the real messages that protesters are trying to fight for. And we buy it.

[this is steps away from my home, peaceful protesters exercising their democratic right to free speech. From the Torontoist.]

Brit, JM and I walked onto Yonge yesterday during the afternoon when all the store fronts started getting their windows smashed. Everything in our vicinity… trashed. People were even dragging out furniture from Urban Barn, and were taking pictures sitting on couches on the street. Cool, make fun, laugh at the Disneyland of attractions here in Toronto.

[photo c/o BlogTO]

For the most part, people are astounded to the point of hilarity, or… they’re furiously devastated. I think I’m of the latter. This is just so not cool.

As my friend Justin Black wrote in his own reflections of seeing the Black Bloc first hand, “… it seemed like a bunch of kids who had taken fight club far too seriously. Any semblance of a reasonable cause was absent. Thrill-seeking, blind anti-authoritarianism and “it’s capitalism that’s f*cking everything, man” high while skipping geography class were the words of the day.”

[photo c/o BlogTO]

I took a walk late last night on my own down Yonge St. In an effort to prepare for today’s continuation of protests and possible anarchy, stores and restaurants were boarding up their windows. People did not look happy.

If you want to read more or get a frequent update as to what’s going on, The Torontoist has really good coverage with recent photos getting updated by the minute. Also read this article and check the dope photos BlogTO did as well.

This is all reaaalllyy messing with my brain cells right now. I need more coffee… and a distraction.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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