Getting there.

[Disclaimer: For full understanding, read this first.]

Mind: “… It just doesn’t make sense. How do you go from feeling one way… and then going the exact opposite direction…”
Heart: “IIII doonn’tt knoowww. *Sigh* I can’t really explain it, okay?”
Mind: “Um, you’re getting mighty ‘tudy.”
Heart: “… Alright. You want answers? Fine. Here we go. … I, I… I am just. Not. Ready.”
Mind: “… You’re not ready? What do you mean you’re not? It makes perfect sense. I thought you told me you agreed on this one, that we both believed this could be… that this was… is… real.”
Heart: “Ahhhh… I don’t knoowww. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it was a fleeting moment that was, now isn’t… But if that’s the case… why do I feel this way? Why do I feel…”
Mind: “— not ready.”
Heart: “Yes. Exactly.”
Mind: “………”

Heart: “Hey. Don’t get upset now just because this still… well… confuses the heck out of you.”
Mind: “It’s not that. I just hate when you and I are not aligned. It’s like… there are those times where you FEEL like we can jump, you FEEL like we can take the risk, but I think that we can’t. I think it isn’t worth it. I rationalize. I analyze and ponder… perhaps too much. You tell me I’m just afraid. You get all on that hippy tip and tell me to trust you. And then sometimes I do and what happens? I… WAS RIGHT.”
Heart: “Yeah… but—“
Mind: “No, I’m not finished. What happens is we both get hurt.”
Heart: “Yes, BUT—“
Mind: “And here you are, telling me you’re NOT ready and to me it makes perfect sense. What doesn’t make sense is how do you NOT feel ready when everything just seems to add up.”
Heart: “BECAUSE. Love… just doesn’t work that way.”
Mind: “Here we go…”
Heart: “Hey, listen. You can’t force, rush, or stage this kind of thing to happen. It just does when it’s ready to… when I’m ready to receive. So alllthoughh in your wise and conscious and aware perception on life and these matters, you THINK… that this can work… I. Just. Don’t. Feel. It. Not the way… not the way I know it could potentially feel like. Not yet.”
Mind: “Hmmm….”
Heart: “You and I, we gotta work together. You gotta trust me as I gotta trust you. Your insights, my passion… we are an unbeatable force, you know? It’s not about whether we get hurt in the process… really, that’s just how we’ll evolve. That’s just how we’ll get closer to… understanding, purpose, fulfillment, success… love.”
Mind: “…. You’re a smart one. I forget that sometimes…. I’m sorry.”
Heart: “Naw. It’s cool. You and me, we’ll always be cool.”
Mind: “… Timing.”
Heart: “Yep. The impeccable and all-knowing, all powerful force such as–“
Mind: “Timing.”
Heart: “When I’m ready… you’ll know it. Genuinely and authentically… sense it. Kind of electric, I heard.”
Mind: “Haha… crazy.”
Heart: “No kidding… *smiles*”
Mind: “I didn’t know Hearts could smile.”
Heart: “What, you never heard of a Heartsmile?”
Mind: “Lol….”

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